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Mature Content

One in a Minion - Prologue: A City in PerilIt was a peaceful midsummer afternoon. Silver skyscrapers dominated the bright blue skyline of the big city. Birds sang their sweet melodies in the blossoming trees as businesspeople took alfresco lunches and children frolicked on the playgrounds. For these contented citizens, it was just another calm, humdrum day in their ordinary, run-of-the-mill lives.Suddenly, the sound of plummeting rubble jolted the people into panic. As they turned their heads away from their office desks and their restaurant tables, as they peered through bus and train windows, a collective chill ran down all of their spines as they witnessed the most horrific sight.In the centre of the city, structures of steel and cement were being brought down as easily as building blocks by the vast, furry paws of a monster. To the bewildered masses, it appeared to be some kind of gigantic, horrifically mutated puppy: its coat a glowing lime green, its panting tongue squirming and serpentine as it surveyed the destruction through three ebony eyes. The blood-curdling high howl that rang out from its slobbering snout sounded like nails drawn across a chalkboard, many times multiplied: its pitch and volume enough to shatter windows in several surrounding neighbourhoods.Businesses bled out their patrons and cars were abandoned as the citizens desperately fled en masse. Parents snatched their children up into their arms and kindly youths did their utmost to lift and carry the older generation along with them. Streams of panicked people merged together into one flowing flood frantically running for the city limits: their own screams and cries of fright joining the beast's howls in a horrific cacophony... until, out of nowhere, a note of relieved optimism pierced the airwaves.“Look! There he is! He's here!”Screams suddenly turned to cheers as sunlight hit a well-built, cape-clad figure flying through the air – his shadow falling over the assembled masses like a cloak of protection. Landing on one of the few intact roofs remaining within the monster's range, this beloved arrival raised himself to his full height, and struck a confident pose in his spandex suit. His gelled hair was fortified against the dust clouds of falling debris, whilst his pearly white smile was enough to reassure even the most frightened of citizens. His name, known to one and all in the city, was a reflection of both his devastatingly handsome looks and the dreams and happiness he inspired: Captain Perfect.“Fear not, good people!” he called out, his dramatic velvety tones honed to convey authority and confidence. “I will defeat this foul beast! Leave it to me and my loyal sidekick!”Right on cue, a shorter, more slender male, clad in a cape and matching domino mask, flew into view and landed beside the chivalrous crusader. His significantly less muscular figure and his somewhat nervous disposition wouldn't ever be enough to let him inspire the hopes of the people by himself, but his role as the Captain's devoted sidekick lent him the charisma needed to win their trust - leading them to bestow him with the moniker of “Brilliant Boy”.“Watch my back,” his mentor requested, moments after his arrival. “I'm going in.”Without a second's hesitation, Captain Perfect took to the air once more – charging towards the callous canine like a bullet bursting forth from a pistol. However, before he could do so much as ruffle the monster's fur, it batted him down as easily as regular puppies played with a ball: sending the caped crusader plummeting down into the pavement, the cement forming a crater as he struck it at top speed.“Captain!”Right away, Brilliant Boy flew to the Captain's side. Thanks to his superhuman physique, the hero appeared to be unharmed, but he lay still in his self-made pit, dazed and unconscious. He made strange barking noises under his breath as his sidekick frantically shook his shoulders, desperate to wake him.Moments later, a sharp stream of light flying over his head caught Brilliant Boy's attention. Clambering a small way out of the crater, he spotted two men together stood in the road, their eyes fixed on the beast still wreaking havoc all around them. A couple of confident citizens who had refused to flee, perhaps?One of them, a slender figure standing around six feet tall, was hard to miss... clothed as he was in a bright red trenchcoat, a matching fedora atop his brown-haired head as he peered up at the mutant through his spectacles. His blond companion, a head or so shorter than him and slightly stouter, had chosen subtler attire: a black-and-white suit and tie. His accessory, however, was far more intriguing.It appeared at first glance to be some sort of water pistol, but as the suited man raised it and fired, the load released from its nozzle was a bolt of bright lightning. Like the heroes' own attack efforts, his intended target was the monster, but unfortunately, the ray fizzled away before it had the chance to make contact. With cement slabs, broken steel beams and furniture falling from battered buildings still raining down all around them, there was no way they could move in any closer and have enough time to fire before they were crushed.Brilliant Boy turned back to Captain Perfect, sharply slapping him across the face again and again in a desperate attempt to rouse him. He'd hate him for it later, no doubt, but right now, he had no other choice. Sadly, the hero's dizzy state endured - giddy panting now added to his repertoire of bizarre barks.It was hopeless. The hero would clearly be out of action for some time yet. The strangers' laser gun, whatever it was, was clearly the best chance to vanquish this beast. It just had to be brought into range. But how?Brilliant Boy looked up at the rampaging mutant, observing it carefully. It was very clearly canine. A huge ugly dog, by all accounts. What did dogs like?In a flash, he had the answer... clicking his fingers as the brainwave struck. Taking flight, he headed straight for the city museum, renowned for the large collection of dinosaur bones it had proudly of display. After using his gift of super strength to help himself to the thigh bone of a diplodocus – promising the baffled security guards that he was simply borrowing it for a while – he raced back towards the scene of destruction, waving his prehistoric prize temptingly before the beast's gaze.“You want this, boy?” he coaxed. “Then go get it!”As he hurled the bone towards the road, the monster – still a puppy at heart – chased after it excitedly, knocking down the remnants of a office block as it bounded forward. The blond stranger, nodding toward Brilliant Boy in knowing gratitude, fired his pistol once again, scoring a direct hit.As slithers of current zipped along the beast's furry form, it became contorted and compressed as it shrunk down - its bizarre colouring and features faded away as it transformed back into a normal Labrador pup, joyfully gnawing away on a thigh bone that was now far too big for its tiny yet eager jaws.Down in the pavement crater, Captain Perfect finally got up onto his unsteady feet – surveying the ruins all around him as a strange unnatural quietness fell onto the scene.“Oh... I hit it, then?” he concluded proudly. “Jolly good!”The stillness lingered for a few moments more, until the mighty roar of thousand ecstatic citizens filled the air. Their footsteps rushed forward in a frantic stampede, pushing right past the two mysterious strangers and making a beeline for their beloved superhero: fighting to embrace him, shake his hand, or simply touch him as they chanted his name, like a ritual of grateful worship.As Brilliant Boy came in for landing, he alone watched the two strangers walk away down a side road and into obscurity – the puppy now loyally following at their heels. It seemed they had no interest in rightfully taking credit for the amazing deed they had done, nor staying behind to take part in the inevitable celebrations. It was almost as if the whole affair meant nothing to them, as though it was something they did every day. Perhaps they did.Before Brilliant Boy could muse on the mystery duo any further, Captain Perfect grabbed his hand and pulled him in beside him, displaying him to the assembled masses.“Please, good people, don't thank me alone!” he mock-insisted in his honey-dripped tones. “I couldn't have done anything without the help of my faithful sidekick, Brilliant Boy!”The throng immediately rushed to obey their hero's command – lifting the bemused but happy Brilliant Boy up onto their shoulders, tossing him into the air as they cheered his name. Time appeared to slow down for the sidekick as he flew upwards: the heat from the shining sun warming his skin to match the fuzzy feeling of pride and contentment in his heart.As he fell back to Earth, however, nobody was there to catch him. His admirers had vanished in an instant. The Captain was nowhere to be found. The city scape surrounding him faded into black nothingness, the chorus of cheers warping into a shrill, monotonous beeping...
Heavyweight: Prologue3/25/2021 EDIT: Updated to tweak some of the sentence structure, the inconsistent use of present/past tense, and some rather comical redundancies. I hope this update is up to snuff. Let me know if this improves the experience overall, and what else I can do to really stick the landing with this prologue. A loud, insistent ringing assaulted my ears as I opened my eyes to a dank room. A woman with near floor-length ivory hair was doing…something to my arm. The convulsions and pounding in my head that followed were too painful to bare, and I grasped my head as I fell back to the floor. Before I passed out, I could hear her bemoan “I’ve gone too far for this subject to fail. I thought I used enough…” When I awoke again, it was to the tune of flickering fluorescent lights. It was clear that I had been moved, and my migraines had subsided. I tried to gain my bearings as I lifted my head off of the floor. The walls surrounding me were sleek light blue walls, which contrasted the musty floor and pale windows. Through these windows I could see several men dressed in black, currently engulfed in their conversation. The woman with the long white hair was also there, never breaking her stare as she continued to direct her eyes at me. The windows were too high for me to reach, but I could make out the woman speaking to the men in suits. Some were leaning forwards, others were sitting back in their chairs with their arms crossed. Whatever they were talking about, it was taking a while. I searched my surroundings for a door, but there didn’t appear to be one. The only other thing in this room were rusted grates in the center of the floor, decorated with aimless dried trails. “Testing communications. This is Ground to B4, can you hear me?” The voice that rang in my ears had a familiarity to it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I jumped in fright. This voice felt awfully familiar, but it came very suddenly. “I repeat, this is Ground to B4. If you can hear me, wave to the window”.I looked up to the window, only for my eyes to be met with the woman’s scarlet glare. Her finger was touching her ear. Odd, I thought to myself. Last I checked, you have functional vocal cords. Any response will suffice”, she said…in my head without moving her mouth. I asked myself, How is she doing that?, while tilting my head to the side, feeling intruded and rather uncomfortable. “Preferably with your mouth.”, she elaborated with irritated fervor. My face flushed, as I stammered, “Umm, uh, uhh, hh…hi.” The crowd did not seem enthused. Three holes opened in the floor and an object rose from each one. One long glowing stick, a round flat thing, and a…star on a stick? “Please choose one of the following, “the woman’s voice instructed, “it will determine your combat style and specifications.” The stick seemed boring, and I didn’t like how flat the circular object looked. Still, I couldn’t help but feel that the star stick object…thing might help me with combat. I still didn’t know what that meant. As I picked up the star stick, the voice remarked “Not my first choice, but you’ll survive as long as you keep your distance”. Survive?, my mind frantically raced, Was I going to die? What is going on? I frantically waved my arms and tried to get the woman’s attention, but she ignored me. A loud grating sound pierced the air and I turned in its direction. I saw the rusty grate in the floor open as the other three holes closed and took the two weapons with them. A dark violet gelatinous liquid began oozing out from the open grate, snarling as it began to take shape. The liquid contorted and shook as it formed a hunched back, vicious claws, and disgustingly deformed teeth. The lone eye above its maw bore a dead, yellow eye that widened as it focused on me. I shook violently in fear with my stick pointed towards the monstrosity and backed away until I hit something. The wall! I was cornered as the abomination prepared to lunge. “The buttons! Use the buttons,” The voice cried. “Point your wand at the target and push the button.” Button? Rod? Did she mean my stick? I searched my stick until I felt a small bump. Was this it? I pushed it and the star began to glow a devilish red. I nearly dropped the stick as a ball of heat shot from the star. It only grazed the creature and hit the wall far behind it. Laughter roared from behind the windows. The voice sighed and said “Aim properly. If you can’t aim your attacks, I might not be able to put you back together.” My stomach dropped upon hearing that. Put back…together?! I picked up my wand as I ran away from the creature. It began a swift pursuit before tripping over its legs, which still appeared to be liquid compared to the rest of its putrid body. “Here goes nothing”, I told myself as I aimed my wand at the creature, shut my eyes, and pushed the button. In a bright red flash, the glowing star shot out another blast which set the creature ablaze and sent howling and writhing on the floor. I pressed the button again. And again. And again. Again! All the while my eyes were kept shut. I could only hear the crackling heat, the creature’s pained cries, and my panicked heartbeat. “Stop. Stop! You’re wasting your Mana!” I stopped and pushed the button again. Nothing. I opened my eyes to see a black pile of ashes where the creature once stood. I threw my arms up above my head in victory, and self-righteously kicked the now harmless pile. This caused the dust to fly into my face, get down my throat, which lead to a bitter coughing fit. The men behind the window were now either groaning or keeled over in laughter. One man, inexplicably, had fallen asleep. “First, you need to stop when I tell you. I have no way to recover your Mana from here, and you’ll be left defenseless. Second, that’s not the only Urchin you’re facing. Take this more seriously, you’re embarrassing yourself.” Mana? Urchin?, the questions swirled in my head, What are these words she keeps spouting? Can’t she explain herself? “What do you mean Ur…Urch…them? And what is Mana?” I struggled to say The men now mimicked me, and used exaggerated tones when mocking my voice. Laughing at my expense. I was only trying to survive. Why were they mocking and laughing at me? The thought of their actions sparked my anger. “You hate that, don’t you?” the woman said. “The mockery, the shame, the indignation”. She was right. They had no right to laugh at me, they probably wouldn’t survive as long as I have. How dare they mock me, I thought as my nostrils flared. More violet slime creatures began to ooze out of the grate, which put me on the edge even further. “Use this. Use this anger and derive your power from it”, the woman continued. “This world is full of monsters, and they prey on the meek. If you don’t fight back, you’ll be devoured.” The creatures formed from the slime and began to charge towards me. I kept feverishly pressing the button, but nothing happened. I was cornered; a mouse trapped by ravenous street cats. I desperately struck one of the creatures with my wand, but it only left a small dent and an angry abomination. The men cheered from behind the windows. Cowards. “You hear that? They’re cheering for your death. To them, you are nothing more than another log for the flame. Is this it? Are you going to give up and prove these monsters right? The Urchins tackled me to the ground and tore at my flesh. Was that all I was? A joke? A monster’s supper? Another log for the fire? All these thoughts swirled around in my head as I continued to bleed. This can’t be it. I thought, This isn’t all I am. This can’t be…No. NO! My rage overpowered my thoughts. They’ll pay, pay with their lives! My heart began pounded up a storm, radiating my blood with adrenaline and fury. I felt my body rising as I hurled my fist into the creatures’ jaws, setting it ablaze. My firsts burned as I continued to assault the diminishing horde that fled in terror. The men were now gasping behind the window, with the woman cheering me on…in my head. I picked up a few of the Urchin with my hands and began squeezing the life out of them. Their screams were followed by croaks and the juicy rupture of their internal organs. I continued to squeeze and smash every creature I could grab, savoring every second. Every strike now left the same black marks as my first victim. Frantically searching for my next target, I realized that everything on my side of the window was dead. All that remained were the burn marks, the piles of burnt slime… “Excellent work!” the woman cheered. “The project is nearly complete, and you’ve more than made up with your recent performance. All I need you to do now is stabilize yourself and…” “and the monsters behind the glass” I said to myself as I turned to the window, which now sat just below my eyes. The men were either clapping or in awe of their dancing monkey. One of them was terrified, as they all should’ve been. “I said to stabilize” the woman instructed, looking confused. “The effect should reverse if you take some deep breaths and…” BOOOOOM The glass shook as I slammed my fist against it, sending the men scattering. Fitting for such cockroaches, wonder if they’ll splatter like them. I continued to strike as the window started to crack, but I clenched extra hard to fuel my flaming fist. I threw my arm…to no avail. My arm had become limp. I threw my other arm, which also quickly fell limp before impact. I saw the woman, gazing daggers into my eyes as she held a remote. “Stand down, final warning”, she stated, without a hint of mercy in her tone. Impossible! I thought. Is she taking their side?! I began slamming myself into the wall. Suddenly, my entire body went numb, causing me to topple onto the slime encrusted floor. I tried to scream but my mouth couldn’t move, not matter how hard I tried. I was completely paralyzed. All I could do was breathe. Breathe and seethe in my boiling fever pitch anger. “Hello…Hello? Can you hear me?” a man’s voice called out in my head. “I don’t have much time before she cuts me off. Listen, I just saw what happened. I am impressed by your tenacity, young lady. How about I offer you a …wait…ca…” The rest was static.If he was anything like the other men, I wanted no part in whatever he was offering. As I slowly lost consciousness, I could heard the woman groan and state, “I’ve got a long night ahead of me. Sparrow, clean up this mess."...
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