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Children of the Night


This is the last of the prints I’m making for bronycon  This particular print is close to me as it features my own OC Gari.  She is the narrator of the Children of the Night!…

With Luna imprisoned in the moon, the Children of the Night must learn to live without her…

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I'm planning on doing a fanfiction for Children of the Night. It's supposed to depict the adventures of the Children after the defeat of Nightmare Moon. I wanted to names from the Transformers franchise into the group, but some names like Megatron just don't suit the MLP theme. So I was wondering if you would allow me to use Gari in place of Megatron. I don't mean to make them evil, I'll be using some Autobot names as well. To the best of my knowledge, yours is the only character who is named in the video and I feel as though having Gari featured in my story would make it seem more...authentic/official.

Please let me know as soon as is convenient. My fimfiction page is here:…

The Grimm Reaper.
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Such glorious work! She almost looks like she's plotting something, though... Perhaps the return of her selenic mother from the Moon?

I always got the impression that Gari was the ringleader of the twelve Children. Maybe it's just me...
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As she's the one who narrated, it does make sense. Especially since she's often an alicorn (Before you panic, Nanook first ponified Cougari waaaay before everyone and his brother had an overpowered alicorn OC. Think less "faster than Rainbow Dash, stronger than Big Macintosh, more magical than Twilight, and better at spotlight-stealing than Wolverine" and more "Ridiculously cute little scamp who likes to make it rain cookies.")

I like to think that since Luna knew that she had duties in Canterlot and couldn't personally lead them and their descendants, she took Gari under her wing and groomed her to reach princess-dom as Celestia would later do for Twilight.

And maybe somewhere out there there's still a baker (again, if you've seen the artist's other drawings of her... cookies!) who never takes her cloak off in public, is easier to find by night than by day, and bears a striking resemblance to one of the colony's founders from long ago, 
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I still love this song!
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10 million views. We all love it 'till now.
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10 million crazy!
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And also one of the most wonderful fan-animated videos.
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I agree! It leaves a lot to the imagination and opens a different sort of door in the Fandom.  And I'm not just saying that coz my Gari is in it! hehe
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It will be until Lullaby for a Princess comes out.
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I'm surprised that there wasn't lot of art about her.

Glad you did. You did a wonderful work on her.
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Thanks!  Yes, Gari needs more love.  I promise to give her more love this year :D
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I love the video * w *
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One wonders what they discovered during their time alone. Love the composition on the print. It feels very balanced and centered.
I love seeing this pony so much!
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Aw, very cute. :3 Bronycon huh? Never heard of it, but I am not at all surprised to hear that it exists. Have fun!
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Ah yes, BronyCon, I've been on staff with them for two years.  It is pretty intense.  the love for pony burns bright out there.  LOL  Thanks hon!
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Your OC Gari, and the whole Children of the Night project are just stunning!! :heart: This is a gorgeous print Nanook! :thanks: YOU are amazing! ;)
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Thank you very much hon! :D
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