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This piece was super fun, originally posted on my twitter account (I usually post my new art there before anywhere else)

This piece is based on a beautiful new Fan Series figure that will be released soon showing our 2 favorite pony best friends blasting off to adventure!!
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How the Great and Powerful Trixie Stopped Worrying, and Learned To Love The Bomb...
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I can't wait to get my hands on that figurine, though it leaves me to wonder, how did they get themselves into this situation?
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Probably a Season 8 episode where they need to get somewhere quickly and this is Trixie's get-there-in-time-no-matter-what plan!
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Starlight looks cute with Trixie's hat :3 I can't wait to get the figure!
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This is pretty cute!
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Enjoy the rocket ride, girls. :)
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I love how this figure is getting so much fanart made of it. Really cute, by the way! :) 
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Wait a minute!  I just lit a rocket! ...Rockets explode!
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you're the second person today to make that joke
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