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What Doesn't Kill You

By NanoMortis
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A tale of 9 lives, I always wondered about that myth ,does cats really have nine lives?:o
if it's so, it would be so cool to be a cat XD IF YOU COULD BE ANY CREATURE IN THIS WORLD WHICH ONE WOULD YOU  BE?:>
 This one looks less conceptual?I dont know but as you can see i just love cats :icontearyguyplz:
Thanks to all who cheered me up last time ,I really really really was blown away by the comment section for so much kindness and positivity coming from each one of you !!thank you all ;A;

you  can see more of my short stories here---->>

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Art (c)me
Tools: Pen+Pencil colors+Photoshop CS3
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© 2016 - 2020 NanoMortis
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I love your drawings and stories behind it too! Keep it up :) 
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Love it love it love it!
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I've remembered this picture for so many years after I saw it in another user's favorites. It's often been in my thoughts when I was feeling down. Thank you for making this.
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Inspirational. :')
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this piece got me fam
NightcoreEevee's avatar
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I'd totally be a cat - a lazy, spoiled house cat! :meow: 
This is breathtaking, my favorite work of yours! :heart: 
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wow, I've never been so affected by a piece of art, Thank you
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THis is amazing and so inspiring!
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What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
ILovePUNdertale's avatar
stand a little taller, doesn't mean i'm broken when i'm alone
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oh dear God ....i have tears in my eyes ... really ...
Thank you.
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I want the last frame as my wallpaper!! ;o;
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*sniff* this is great.
TheCowardlyDinosaur's avatar
I'd be a dragon!!....

Or a wolf.....whatever really works
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I  swear to God your comics give me infinity lives  
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Omg I actually teared up seeing this
This is amazing
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This is beautiful 
noodlewithsticks's avatar truly powerful. <3
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i love it. so much.. thank you fpr this art
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