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Up All Night

"I tossed and turned in the end
With no one to talk to
I searched again and again
But I never found you
I cried and the tears fell from my eyes
Like a waterfall
And I swear I could feel you in my arms
But there was no one there at all"Owl city

A Tale of Two Stars.

This is the most emotional piece i did in ages I swear (the others are nothing compared to this) ;A;, I wanted to do more of these sequential type stories but this time in a different way cuz yeah ,you're not the only one who is getting sick of the white canvas XD ,The hard part is always the last scene :iconrazycryplz:

you can see more of my original short stories here--->>
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Art and story(c)me
Tools: Pen+Pencil colors+Photoshop CS3
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This is lovely! I have no words.. 
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Oh my God! It is magical and amazing! w(°o°)w
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wow....the amount of awesomeness in this is just incredible...! Heart  ♪♫
jesus christ! this is so good im crying
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this is so beautiful!!! \\ 0O0 // ...also this somehow reminds me of a cartoon film " Brother Bear"
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The thing I like about this is you dont even have to she the word to understand whats going on and tbh I felt like I waas going to cry
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That is so freaking sad :( - Extremely awesome artwork :)
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Nice art work! 
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This s an amazing piece of art work. True story telling with out words. Tragic and Beautiful, this painting defines both our weaknesses and strengths while marrying reflective colors and emotions back at us. Simple and complex. Thank you for your work!
Oh my god, this is lovely! Sad but lovely
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I'm Happy that it's so beautiful but sad at the same time Pikachu Crying Plz Jake crying plz 
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IM HALF HAPPY U MADE THIS STORY/ARTWOK Happy/Victorious Good Luck Markiplier Emoticon AND HALF SAD CAUSE ITS REALLY SAD Cry forever 
AutumnSnowsP's avatar
I'm so fall in love with this artstyle <3
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 Hiyori Crying IconI LOVE It... Miuna Crying Icon 
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This is so sad... :(
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