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My hand kinda hurts after this .
I have been sending countless messages for them to remove my art for almost one month but they seem to ignore it. I dont know what to do at this point,any help would be appreciated ;w;
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I am not surprised
That your hand hurts
After creating this.
To get the effects right and such
Must have been a lot of work!!!

I am sorry your art keeps being sold
Without your permission.
I can imagine just how annoying that is
Especially if monetary gain
WAS / IS NOT the purpose or reason why you make art. 
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great composition, nicely done
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I loveee your technique ♥
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That is one strange website, it might be in German but the German is often pretty weird or just plain wrong - looks more or less like someone wrote the texts originally in English and then just used google translator. Also, the site's name ends in .com instead of .de, and I can't find any adress linked to the actual owner of the shop. Very strange. I presume it is from somewhere outside the EU just aiming for the German market.

I still wrote an message through ... perhaps it helps if enough people nag. >:)
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So beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
regarding the site that is selling your art, since you have been actively attempting your property, you can probably get a free consultation with a lawyer. in that session get them to send a cease and desist, and a lawsuit regarding monetary damages. depending on the laws in your area, you might be entitled to all of their sales' proceeds for selling your art without permission. the catch, however is whether or not DA is selling them the right to your art. pm me and ill be happy to look into the details, however you must understand that i am not a lawyer in any country, nor even a law student, just a guy who likes to help with difficult situations.
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you're my favourite artist (=
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Simply Superb Artwork!!! Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing Mindblowing superb superb superb superb superb superb superb Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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The colors for this look so cool!!
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Retiree shocked his family with paycheck he received from online work he did in his free time...

====> Checkfordetails
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The really sharp values sell some chaos and yeah that it's broken like really sharp shards and... it's just so fascinating to look at; somehow I haven't seen a drawing QUITE like this.

I'm sorry your art is being stolen :( I wish I had some advice, but I'm a complete ignoramus there.
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It is amazing! I love that art style <3
I am sorry to hear that someone is reselling your artwork ;; I would recommend you to put  at least watermark on your work.  
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Maybe hire some legal professional to help you with that, if it's worth the money for you.

awesome work as always.
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Just found you and absolutely love your art!

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Excellent work on this! :D The light and shadows in this are amazing~

I'm really sorry to hear about people stealing your art! It's so angering to hear people making money off of work you put your heart and soul into.

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Oh my gosh I'm so sorry to hear you're dealing with someone stealing your art like that, it's horrible!! :/ I hope the situation is solved soon, though I'm personally not sure what actions you can take. 

I really love your new piece though! Like always, your art takes my breath away- it always seems as though it's filled with so much emotion! Great work! 
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Mystical and Enchanting
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The art is so beautiful and it truly captures the feeling of pain.
I am sorry that the company has been using your art, I support you and your art, it angers me to hear that people are unfairly selling your great art.
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Watermarks are ugly, but given I heard DeviantArt actually has the right to sell your art to companies, I would suggest starting to use one. 
(This is a rumor I heard, but it's one I believe given how many talented artists have had this same problem. It's too many to be a coincidence.)
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i love your art style

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