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Pure Chaos Chapter 6 by NanoCarp0, literature

Pure Chaos - Chapter 5: Angel Island by NanoCarp0, literature

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Pure Chaos Chapter 6 by NanoCarp0, literature


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I'm a nut house and a writer. Obviously, by my gallery, I've been trying some new things as of late, but I still do mostly writing. I've begun to notice as well that I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I can't stand something being wrong, and have a bit of a compulsion to at least try and fix it.

I also play the guitar, and as evidenced by my signature, I take it seriously. My parents have often told me that if I put half as much time into homework and studying as I did practicing my guitar, I'd have straight A's.

When I'm feeling stressed, I reach for my xBox controller. I'm a gamer that loves it when stuff blows up. While winning is all well and good, it's about the spirit of competition for me. Win or loose, so long as I did my best, and no one cheated, I'm happy. Even when I go 0 and 20 in Halo: Reach.

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A computer, always. And if I'm alone, you can add DragonDictate and a headset.
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I don't know how many people that I watch have watched me back, but I'm going to apologize to those who do fall in that category. I took a rather long absence from deviant art a while ago, and unfortunately this has left me with WAAY to many messages to go through. Over 3,000. So, I'm going to apologize because I will not actually be looking at most of them. If you've posted something that you think I really ought to see, send me a note or something with a link to that item. I'll be looking at some of the smaller stacks, but I have some message stacks that are more than 800 messages each... Anyways, sorry for not looking at everything, I'll
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Hi guys! I'm gonna try and stream for you all, Left 4 Dead 2! Don't know exactly when I'll start. Probably in about a half hour or so. I have to set up, and grab something for dinner first. ANYways. I've invited Hugna ( and DragonX1010 ( to play with me! The only hiccup is I dunno how well it will feed through, because L4D2 is a very processor intensive game. But we'll see! Come watch me try anyways! And, as always, recordings are playing on a loop 24/7. As well, all the videos of previous sessions are available on demand on the page.
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As cool as the built in Journal/Blog feature is, I'm gonna be done posting these. Why? Because I need to make sure to keep up with my blog offsite. And, well, this has kind of been keeping me from doing so. So to find out what's going on with me, check out The Wannabe Writer's Blog where I post. Honestly that blog started as my personal blog, but evolved into the starting point for my group, which now has a deviantArt group. The-Wannabe-Writers ( has grown so much since joining DeviantArt, and I'm happy to be a part of this community. But I can't forget about my roots. My website needs me to be active there, and I need to encourage the oth
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Hi, sorry to bother you but I just want to know if you do requests
Where is the rewrite of Legend of Lucario? 
It hasn't happened yet. I am presently working on Pure Chaos and my Transformations Galore project. I really do not want to start a third simultaneous project, and unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of getting writing done on either of those.
Happy B-day Nano! :D
Happy birthday! I hope your day goes well.
Happy birthday. :3
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