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"A very tiny banana."
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My Bio

I'm Nano, a semi-professional digital artist. I tend to be a little paranoid and I never really know what to put for bios like these, so I'll just talk about some of the things I'm working on right now.

I love Undertale and am currently developing my own AU (Alternative Universe) called Outstory, which will hopefully be its own comic someday! I've also been working on developing a new species of Bitty (from the Bittybones AU made by fucken-crybaby on Tumblr) called Plumies. Please feel free to browse my gallery if any of that interests you.

I'm a pretty friendly person, so feel free to say hi! ^_^


A very tiny banana.

Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dali, Naohisa Inoue, Michael Parkes
Favourite Movies
Pretty much anything by Studio Ghibli
Favourite TV Shows
Dr. Who, Warehouse 13, Stargate Atlantis, Royal Pains
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Owl City, Sky Sailing, SharaX, Retrospecter
Favourite Books
Pretty much anything by Stephen King or Dean Koontz, Howl's Moving Castle (book)
Favourite Writers
Stephen King, Dean Koontz
Favourite Games
Undertale, Deltarune, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia (series), Fire Emblem (series), Pokemon (series)
Favourite Gaming Platform
3DS, Computer, Dreamcast, Switch (soon I hope!)
Tools of the Trade
GIMP, Bamboo Tablet (old), Intuos Pro Tablet (new), Lizbeth Tatting Thread, Endless Patience
Other Interests
Learning new skills, listening to or watching Let's Plays

[OPEN!] 1000+ Watcher Raffle!

[OPEN!] 1000+ Watcher Raffle!

STATUS: Open! [Runs from July 1, 2020, 7:35AM CST - July 7, 2020, 7:35 AM CST] HOW TO ENTER: ----> Comment on this Journal with the phrase "Smiley Trashbag" in it! <---- WHO CAN ENTER ? ----> Anyone! <---- How many times can I enter ? ----> Once for free and you can earn a second ticket! <---- Feels like it's been ages since the 500+ raffle, but at the same time not long at all. Weird how time flies and it really has! It has been an absolute privilege to make art for you guys, gals, n' non-binaries and I can only hope this continues on for a long time to come! To enter: Leave a comment with the phrase "Smiley Trashbag" on this journal! ...That's it! xD To get an extra raffle ticket: Unlike last time, I've decided to open up the option for you all to earn a second ticket for the raffle! All I ask is for some fan art/writing of any of my personal characters (Maybe, Banana, Radish, Shay, Seph, Buttons, Fizz, Lulu, etc.), of me (if you really want), or just something that
WOAH! Over 900 watchers?! Thank you all so much! >v< <3 And just so you all know, I do plan on doing a raffle at 1000 watchers, so keep an eye out for that! ^_^
The amazing Taleea is holding a CONTRAFFLE (contest + raffle)! Go check it out and congratulate them for hitting 2000 watchers! >V<

More Info

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Art Requests: Closed

Art Trades: Closed (Anyone listed in this journal can ask for one)

Commissions: OPEN!


Shay and Banana
Some flowers for you

Made by the lovely Yoki-doki ~



A very tiny banana.

Seph - chibi pagedoll (Gift)
Banana and Radish - Chibi pagedoll - (gift)
Animated pixelart - decked out (gift)

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ZZjd202Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waaahhhh!!!! Oh my Gosh!!!!

Your art is amazing, you are amazing!... and, and... Really thanks TTwTT
NanoBananaProfessional General Artist

Of course! I love your art >v<

You're more than welcome! ^_^

Sophie-the-SkellyStudent Artist

I was thinking about a Pheonix Plumey- (May reborn or not idk) I was talking to a friend about some Plumeys and I just came up with a idea for Pheonix plumies-

NanoBananaProfessional General Artist

The Vermilion Plumey is based on the myth of the Vermilion bird combined with a phoenix ;) I may eventually do a fire elemental Plumey (which would be closer to the modern concept of the Phoenix) but not yet

Thank you for the suggestion though! ^_^

Sophie-the-SkellyStudent Artist

No problem!

Thank you so much for the fav! I love your art and your precious plumies ^-^

NanoBananaProfessional General Artist

Aww, you're welcome! >v<