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Inquisitive Maud

Maud Pie vectored from her eponymous debut (not sorry). Includes much guessing, as a complete forward-facing pose is not used during the episode. SVG available here.

Idea provided by :icondry-b0nes:. We wanted a sign-holding emote for /r/MaudPie. Unhide the other layer in the SVG file to get that version.
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Oh, you want to know about my rock and mineral collection, Maud? Well, I have samples of minerals such as sandstone, slate, quartz, fluorite, topaz, zeolite, pyrite, sulfur, marble, jasper and my favorite, gypsum.
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I forgot to credit you, but I did use this vector in my PMV, which can be found here.…

I am right now going through my PMV to see if I forgot to credit anyone for any use of the vectors. Thank you for making this vector it was very useful!
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S'all good. Thank you for linking back!
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yu are not mad tht i used your vevtor to do this
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No problem, that's why it's posted!
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NO ONE EXSPECTS THE...MAUD? Oi! This ain't the Spanish Inquisition!
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:iconmaudpieplz: Nopony expects the Pies. Our chief weapons are gray rocks. Gray rocks and brown rocks. Brown rocks and gray rocks. Our two weapons are brown rocks and gray rocks.

:iconpinkieisexcitedplz: And an almost fanatical devotion to parties!
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Ok, so Grey Granite to lumps to hard chocolate, to a very, very mad party with Ska music and R&B!

These are my favourite Ska bands by far!……
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Laughing Where's her sign?
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:iconajliarplz: Until live, it's a secret to everyone.
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I guess we can talk about it now.
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:iconrainbowdashsaluteplz: Description updated.
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