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SciFi Energy Khukuri Machete

Commission made for  MakoFrost

Do not use without permission.
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Awesomesauce (yes, yes im a dinosaur)

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Wicked design here!

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Better than Kano's blades from MK3.

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Now that's a compliment!
Thank you!
PrimeYggdrasil's avatar

As if the weapon wasn’t dangerous enough. Nice.

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An energy kukri? I think I just found my new favorite thing!
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Thank you dude!
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Imagine it's a SHTF, grid-down scenario.

How can only pick 1 tool; either a Kukhri or an Entrenching Tool.

Which one would you pick?

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I would pick the entrenching tool of cause.
A khukri isn't even a real tool, it's more a weapon than tool.
The entrenching tool has way more uses overall and that's also the reason why it is used by the military.
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This is awesome! I love the light warping in the metal and for the other one I like how the handle also glows. It's like a Tron Kukri almost, It's awesome keep up the awesome work!

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Thank you very much!
That is a very nice comment and a rare one too :)
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