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Sci Fi Fire Katana

Commission made for Ekklo

Do not use without permission.
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Katana? Looks more like... a shashka....

Awesome! Wanted to know if I could use it in a story I was writing.

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Sorry, this is not possible.

If you are interested in a design from me, feel free to commission me for one.

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So you like sci-fi? Name every sci-fi weapon!

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What? Why do I need to know every sci-fi weapon to like sci-fi? haha

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Love you scifi gear. What about something "scifi" but themed in the 1960s....

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Thank you!

Personally I'm not interested in designing 1960s SciFi, but if someone commissions me with such a design, then I'll do it of cause.

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I am really tempted to do so. I'm working on a scifi rpg called Dark Era. Agents vs Aliens. Kill aliens and take their stuff etc.
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That sounds great!

Just hit me up via note if you want to discuss some details.

Everybody gangsta till I whip out my fire katana

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Futuristic AND shoots flames?! SWEET!!! >w<

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