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Sci-Fi Energy Sword

Commission made for  tamatitheninetailedfox

The blade deactivates itself when it gets sheathed. Therefore it doesn't need a power-switch.

Do not use without permission.
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Justamanwithadream's avatar

This looks like one of those weapons you would either start with or complete a quest for

Nano-Core's avatar

Dunno, this doesn't look like a starter weapon for me.

LeydenTheWolf777's avatar

Truly an epic weapon for a worthy swordsman.

MelianMarionette's avatar

Awesomesauce! I love the contrast between the black, dark gray and red! It's very intense.

HerosLegend's avatar

Wicked work with this

Yawchwa lightsaber... fuck it, Alien from the PREADTOR movies lightsaber

Nano-Core's avatar

Probably more predator, since I'm not a SW fan at all haha

The sequels suck

Nano-Core's avatar

I watched the original ones back then. I liked them but I wasn't like "oh shit that's so cool". Was more into Alien and Predator. So the visually darker part of Sci-Fi.

Star wars is also considered Sci-Fantasy if I'm not mistaken, so that's not really my cup of tea haha

xraydro99's avatar

that looks impressive, where can I get one?

Nano-Core's avatar

You can commission me for your own design^^

PrimeYggdrasil's avatar

what a terrifying blade! I love it!

Fuego-fantasmal3's avatar
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