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Saint Asiriahs Shotgun Penance Commission

Commission made for  Zelkova64 on FA

Do not use without permission.
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Interesting... :3

Is it 12ga?

Would be fun to se a pump action or auto version using the same ammo, but then I'm weird and a fan of the spas-12 and uts-15... :3

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The size comparison shell is 12ga, yes :)

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I love it in game when you have different bullet types or shell types you can or need to use instead of having a bunch of different guns

i believe this is an unpopular opinion

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Yeah same. They do it way too less imo. I only really see this with bow type weapons, where you can change ammo types
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Wow its amazing :O

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Very interesting, especially all the different ammunition types. 

One question though; how do you load this thing? Is it top-breach or a swing-out kind of deal?
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Thank you!
It is a mix out of swing-out and also a direct single shell load
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A really fascinating kind of Shotgun :3
( though some shot typs would turn it into a revolver caliber or small missle launcher xD  )

I like it :3
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Haha Thank you!
This was the goal :)
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its kinda what i imagine with the Special sci fi sniper i had in mind for my Avali raptor Rapieron xD

he can switch the ammo type pretty much A LOT XD , bellow how the character and weapon look

Ready to Ambush Partner?

( the green guy ;D , the other one is his partner Vrytah. art not drawn by me , instead drawn by brassdragonlord in the describtion )

EDIT: warum schrieb ich das nicht in deutsch xD
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That looks like an MTS-224 Russian revolver shotgun

with some aspects of a trenchgun and a bit of standard western revolver

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these are pretty much my reference pictures for it
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A drum loaded sci-fi shotgun with really strange ammo?

Count me in, where can I order?

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Haha I wish this would be real^^
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Oh, I'm an absolute sucker for revolver long guns! Excellent work.
Nano-Core's avatar
Same here!
Thank you sir!
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Now this is a gun Ash Williams would love!
Nano-Core's avatar
Yeah I'm sure he would love this weapon!
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