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Runic Scimitar Saber

Commission made for FlamboyantPheonix

A unique scimitar all things considered, equipped with a non standard guard and a nice ring in the back of the blade. A flambouyant weapon for the extravagant duelist. However, it is said that in times of great peril and stifle the blade will glow a bright and brilliant blue bringing with a calmness to the wielders mind.

Do not use without permission.
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That sword sounds quite spiritual.

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Nice. Not sure about the hole in the blade, though, which might weaken it structurally...

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I think, stuff like that doesn't matter for fantasy magical swords that much

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"Glows blue in times of great peril..." So it's the Master Sword if the Master Sword was a scimitar? =P

Seriously though, awesome work! I dig the engravings, though it seems like it would be a bad idea to have those on the cutting edge.

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Yeah, but there was no space elsewhere. And since it is a magical word anyways, I assume that the edge wouldn't mind stuff like that^^


this rocks, you had a great idea @FlamboyantPheonix

great art @Nano-Core !!!!!

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Beautifully designed, especially the handle

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Very cool i like it .

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WTS Rune Skimmy 45k

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unusual rarity it seems that someone has decided to return to classic swords! l like this apporoach.

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