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Mutated Bear

The forth piece of the horror set.

This bear is less bear and more corruption at this point. Because of that its more aggressive than usual and also has a couple more killing tools.
Codename: Mantisbear

Commission made for Calad22 for the game project Legends Tale.

Do not use without permission.
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Oh wow, you nailed the anatomy, and I love that, but honestly I'd never exit my house if that was a creature I'd expect to see outside. This is the first art peice I've ever seen by you, and already before clicking on your profile I can feel this is gonna be a good one. 👏

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Haha Thank you very much!

Sadly I don't do horror stuff that often, so you won't find many things like that.

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Oh Holy Heck!!!

This Bear Got Infected By The Thing!!!

Oh where's Kurt Russel with his Flame Thrower When You Need Him???

"Takes A Deep Breath" All joking aside. A Fine job done on the Mutant Design.

I do hope you have an awesome day and Happy Early Thanksgiving.

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bear the kayak destroyer
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Mutant Bears. What's next? Mutant T-Rexes?

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No, there is no T-Rex sadly^^

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I guess now i understand why you like to make so many guns :o

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Hey look it's a cute teddy bear I can hug :)

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This is pretty sexy


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