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Infected Dog

The third piece of the horror set.

This dog slowly gets taken over by the infection unable to take full control of its body. It is not aggressive yet but this won't hold for long since the infection will corrupt the dogs whole body at some point.
Codename: Spiderdog

Commission made for Calad22 for the game project Legends Tale.

Do not use without permission.
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A Spider and a dog? You can call it a Spidog or a Doider.

This looks like something out of a flash horror game. I'm getting chills just looking at it!

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I have to say, this puppy is still so cute. What site do you make these pieces on?

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Thank you!

Not sure what you mean with "what site". Like what software I use for it?

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With the foggy forest backdrop, this is giving me Darkwood vibes.

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spooky would pet either way


that looks awesome!!! I had to do a double take because I just made something similar, not the same quality tho =-) Great minds think alike @Calad22


This reminds me of the spider dog from Stand Still Stay Silent. Beautiful and Terrifying art.

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I actually have no idea what that is haha

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that is not a good boy

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That is freaky as hell, and I love it!

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Poor poochy. Its dog legs are still waving as its spider legs walk.

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Indeed. He doesn't really realize that he is infected just yet.

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nightmare doggie!
"who's a good boy for eating my spleen? you are! yes you are!"
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Nope nope nope. Thank you for the new nightmare! Well done and proportionately horrific! But... nope nope nope!

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Haha You are welcome!

This is actually a great compliment

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gorgeous <3 I Love him he is a good and very fast boy .3

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And also a dangerboy

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