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In My Beloved's Eyes

In My Beloved's Eyes,
There Could Be Nothing I Despise.
In This Fact I Stand Fast In My Rsolve, I Hold Strong To This Dedication, For If My Will Shall Waver I Will Accept Any Humiliation.
When I Look Into A Mirror, Wether It Be In My Palm Or Draped Lovingly Against A Wall; I See Me. I Can't Help But Find Fault, After Fault Within The Stars, The Constelations Of Freckles On My Skin, The Exess Of Fat, Acumulated On My Belly, My Breast, And My Thighs. I Am An Endless Reflection of Disapointed Sighs When I Look Upon The Face Of Myself. I Am The Me I Can't Help But To Be.
Then, After The Storm Subsides, And I Am Pulled Away By A Strength Other Than My Own, I Find Myself In My True Home, In The Arms Of My Beloved. His Eyes Hold No Lies, They Have Always Been An Honest Reflection, So Why Do These Eyes Reveal Not The Ugly I Am? Why Do They Not Highlight The Parts Of Me I Cannot Stand? I Am To Trust These Eyes, But Why Is My Imperfections, So Perfectly Perfect In The Eyes of My Beloved? - Poem and Photo by me, please do not repost or redistribute without my express permission.
(Photo and Poem of my own Beloved)
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