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All credit for Deedee goes to CN and the respected creators of Dextor's Lab.

Art by me! XD

I did a cute little doodle of Deedee at the begining of summer and I ended up likeing it more then I thought I would. So I decided to spice it up with some fresh colors.

The reason I colored her like that is simple, everyone knows that in CN no one really ages from our fave shows and no one really completly grows out of their childhood faves like Dextor's Lab so instead of coloring her like normal I decided to color her as if SHE had aged and changed but just like everyone else, she never quite grew out of her childhood habits (hammer lol)
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I haven't heard from you in forever! I tried your phone, but it didn't work. Knowing you wouldn't dare leave your deviant, I tried to log on but I had issues with that too... I think I figured it out and im happy to know I can talk to you again! BTW your hair looks really cute short.
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Hey girl! Yeah i warned you my phone would shut off, i cant get a new one till i buy one in a few weeks. and how did you know i chopped my hair off? lol
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Love the lashes and the black accents to her usual classic pink tutu look. I really like that the dark accents to her make he childish pranks seem more intentional and he innocent look more contrived. It's cool
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Thank you so much :) I am happy you commented and I am thankfull for your input.
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I like the coloring and pose a lot,it really expresses Dede's personality ^//////^
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You're very welcome ^/////^
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