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Trinity Blood - The Heavens
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Once again: Cain Nightlord from Trinity Blood.
This is my masterpiece. This is the most difficult and detailed costume I've ever made and I'll ever be doing. After 5 years of planning and 5 months of work, it's finished.

The story: When my 100th cosplay was nearing in 2007, I wanted to do something special, something I had never done before. I usually prefer the more comfortable and thus easier cosplays, but for this special occassion, I was searching for something spectacular. And what is more spectacular than the Trinity Blood artworks?
And so I fell in love with Cain.
He’s a captivating character with an absolutely unique and glorious design. I couldn’t resist.

I bought a lot of the things I’d need for the costume, yet I never started it for real. I was just plain over-challenged, I didn’t know enough about materials and how to solve all the riddles this outfit confronted me with.

Now, a few years later, I have learned a lot and accepted the challenge. I started with the armour and wings part because sewing will be easy compared to this.
I started with shaping the frame for the six wings out of various wires and glued hundreds of swan and goose feathers onto it (I only used big feathers). Then I started the sun wheel by using thick flower arrangement wire constructions, hot glue, hard foam and modelling plastics, shaping the spear ends and constructing the spheres (Ravenic helped me here).
The shoulder armour parts (3x2 parts) were a lot of work. I shaped them from hard foam, coated them with liquid plastic, applied the relief shapes with foam rubber and window colours in a lot of steps and coated them again with liquid plastic. I also cut hundreds of little triangular spear-like shapes for the collars and sleeves, the cuff armours and other details from hard foam, shaped the three-dimensional parts with modelling clay (the small parts killed me, they were just so many), coated everything again with liquid plastic and went to the next step.
I wanted it all to be as detailed as possible. That means that every armour part had to be decorated all over with tiny reliefs (all parts of shoulder armour, the six spines hanging from the back armour, sleeve armours, pendants and talismans, etc.). So I applied them with window colour, on every single piece. It took ages, but it worked out.
I made all the pendants and talismans on his belt from rubber foam, modelling clay and window colour and threaded all the pearl chains on his belt according to the original (it wasn’t easy to find all fitting pearls), then coated everything with liquid plastic, again.
After the raw parts were done, the next step was to be done: gilding the armour.

I was sure from the start that normal golden paint wouldn’t do for this cosplay, it was just not brilliant enough. So I coated the whole armour and belts in 24 carat gold.

Gilding requires three steps: First the lay milk has to be applied, afterwards the gold leaves and in the end it all has to be coated with a sealing finish. When everything had dried, I used precious metal paints to emphasize the relief structures.

The back armour is constructed from various gilded plates and armour parts, the six wings, the sun wheel and the goat skull (mine is an antilope skull because a goat wasn't big enough in my eyes).

The coat and the overcoat were made from 20 meters of bridal satin. It's incredibly heavy and the double collar always tries to choke me. I added hundreds of small application stones, combined two wigs into one for his crazy hair and gilded the boot armour. Overall I used 500 leaves of gold.

And now I'm done, even one month before Connichi saturday when I intend to wear Cain.

Please enjoy. It's the top of what I'm able to do, I can't offer more than this.

*NanjoKoji (me) as Cain Nightlord
Contra Mundi
Trinity Blood

photo by ~Ravenic

I am all the hatred in the world
I am the sins of the trinity,
dripping from my claws
I am the seven angels of creation
I am heaven and I am hell
I am the beginning and the end
The morning and the evening star

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MidnaXLink16|Hobbyist General Artist
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☆*very*☆=- ★=- ヽ(^∇^*)ノ -=★ -=☆*nice*☆
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This is Gorgeous, The outfit everything...the background. I don't know where you found the place to do your photo shoot at
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breathtaking cosplay and use of background, jaw droppingly good
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Wow-absolutely amazing! This has to be one of the BEST cosplay costumes and make-up I have ever seen! You are perfect for it!
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RoysAladyKiller|Hobbyist Photographer
my first words were holyshitfuckholyshit omg this amazing!!!! i love the detail that gies into TB cosplay!!!!
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gutsonthefloor|Professional Artist
I absolutely LUV Trinity Blood!!!! Own every episode on DVD, read all the books, been a fan since it came out. Love this cosplay.
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Suzuho-Chan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
All your hard work really payed the price. awesome. :iconparty-hard-hong-kong:
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Zephyrynn|Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome does not even begin to describe this! GYAAAAAAH~ *Fangirl mode: ON!*
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FierceFlash|Hobbyist General Artist
This is just... wow! :D

I really like the look, and design of the cosplay. :la:
You look so proffessional! ;A; And that's amazing.

Good picture~~ :icongoodjob-plz:
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xzendor7| Digital Artist
This Is An Awesome Costume Just Perfect For An Awesome Looking Room.
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It's incredibly amazing. I applause at your work, your imagination for doing all of it and because it suits you very well. Oo
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Thank you very much!
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Pastry-Queen|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing! Where are you in that picture?
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Thanks! It's a city hall in southern Germany
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this is awesome, how much did it exactly cost you to make something like this?
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much. it was a really expensive project
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Lillagon|Hobbyist General Artist
I wish I had the patience and persistence to do a complicated cosplay.
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Thanks a lot!
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I love this. I'm working on making an Esther Blanchett Cosplay. But money is an issue.. Anyways this is amazing. You did amazing :3
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thanks! and good luck on your Esther project!
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Thanks :D And Yeah i'll need it..XD
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OniBatty|Hobbyist General Artist
oh...my...lord! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!! There is so much detail and I cannot stop finding things I love about it! Words cannot express how epicly awesome this is!
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