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Escape From VGER

Well... Trekkies... A blast from the Past... A recreation of the Klingon investigation of the VGER Cloud from "Star Trek the Motion Picture" Done with 3D Studio Max 7, Photo Impact 6, and Photoshop CS....

Enjoy all :)
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I love the detail of the cloud and the ships!

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WONDROUS CAPTURE!!!  What imagination you have to create a work of art such as this.  The shading is superb; the concept is absolutely awe inspiring, the subject 'out of this world' and extremely well done down to the tiniest details, for example...the little white lights on the helmets of the Robots.  I enjoyed your art work tremendously.
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This looks Fan-Freaking-Tastic!! :wow: So lovin the dramatic look and effect here and in the film!!
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My favourite Star Trek Klingon scene ever!
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A beautiful rendering of the V'ger cloud, which always gripped my imagination as a child watching this movie. I know about its troubled history and story problems, but there's something magical and ethereal when the movie switches over to those long silent sequences passing through V'ger. Still haven't seen anything like in in science fiction since.
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Mark Leonard made this scene. His klingon was very intimidating and imposing. The lighting on the Klingon interior was fantastic, along with the set design. The atmosphere in those few short minutes was also spectacular and, indeed, epic.
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Neat! I really like the detail on those Klingon vessels.
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Wow, really nice, I like the cloud :) Just one notice: some parts of the cloud seems to be almost as shimmering as a metal. I've just seen the movie, because it wasn't too easy to find it... It was a little creepy indeed, but also interesting too :)
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I Love this movie ,and in my mind it's way better then any of the six Star Wars.WHY one may ask? Well as humans on Earth we need to get our act together and explore space. We may have to defend ourselves in the future. Saving the princess of a far away galaxy is one thing;Saving Earth from a homegrown alien force is another.STtMP all the way "The Human Adventure Has Just Begun"
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Man I love That Movie!
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That movie is one of my favs of all time. Very stylish interpretation.
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I'm not really sure what to say, but I know I like it. 3 3/4 out of 4. The only thing you should do more is make V'Ger alittle bit larger.

Unlike most, I enjoyed "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" its more philosophical then the others.
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Awesome pal!!
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Trec-K Man Likes! :)

Great work!!!
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that thing scared me
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*shiver* That movie creeped me out so much <_<;;;

Amazing picture, the model ish amazing!
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YOU!!!! WRAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
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Wow, a V'Ger scene! How did You make that cloud? TMP is my all-time favourite movie! i gave it a fav!
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Like it very mutch !
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