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some of my DIY jewelry

By NanFe
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collection of some of my self-made jewelry from 2009-2013, most of them are necklaces and chokers, there're plenty more,,,more than 50 I think, but these are my, it's always a pleasure to show of my jewelry collection, dat kind of feeling when you finish a choker and try them on, and it fit perfectly *dreaming*

you may already see some on "My Room Meme"
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i love your photos.. really exquisite.
Rain-tear's avatar
wow, you are very talented and very pretty too! :)
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beautiful colection
Cocolena's avatar
thats awesome :D
NanFe's avatar
ang you use *Dark134 picture as your avatar, my picture as your ID, without any permissions,,,
Cocolena's avatar
>.< sorry can i use it if i can't i will change it
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Beautiful, I love the red one on the top left corner :heart:..........:love: :clap:
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NanFe, you are just as pretty as the art you make. These pictures are very beautisul^_^
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you are so very pretty! I can believe they are all self made, they all match you! and needless to say you have a great talent ^^
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These are beautiful! You're talented in so many ways. *A*
My favorites are the bottom right black choker and the key <3
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Wow! They look so awesome.
Just wondering... but are you selling those? Because they look really professional
apocalyxtic98's avatar
Wow!! These are fantastic~!
CyberCommando's avatar
Wow, you really know how to take a picture. And the jewelry looks amazing. Almost can't believe you made it yourself. How many talents do you have?
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eating and sleeping are my ultimate talents
EmoFishie's avatar
These are gorgeous
I especially like the very bottom black one~
XJasmin3x's avatar
Your jewelry looks so awesome! The blue shirt looks nice on you as well :3
dead-dolleyes's avatar
WOW! These are amazing! :heart: I wish I could have or make one myself. You are so multi-talented :)
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