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I saw a picture that komugi was playing go with alphago hhhhhhaaaa and i was wondering who would be the winner hhhhhhaaa
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Meruem D:  Exo : Crying Kai 
I love Meruem. I'm just sad his ears are pendulums~ 
Not only is your art here spectacular, but your little description there was beautiful too, you should be a poet XD
Don't make me cry now T_T

I'm curious and interested - why is Meruem's tail looking like he's going to attack her? My interpretation is: maybe it's an instinctive reaction? When you see something powerful, you act in a fight-or-flight mode? In that sense then you have nailed that part of his character, that he IS part-Chimera ant, to which I also applaud you. Some other fanarts of Meruem are a bit *too* kind sometimes, just slightly. 
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;-; right. So I literally just watched that episode and I'm crying myself sick and I remembered seeing this and came because I need some serious comfort.
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my gosh...;_________;
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Absolutely spectacular! 
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OMGFG MERUEM, AND YOUR ARTWORK IS SO ADORBS. ALSO, I ugly cried at the end of the arc!
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I love them. TOTALY love them. You made a So beautiful work Ç.Ç
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i cry as well, XC I just finished watching their last moments XO ahhhhhh so sad  sooooo sad XC
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I'm crying everytime, too. Those two... Really broke my heart. :tears: :tears:
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oh my gosh u watched hunterxhunter ...
i so loved the series
thx for doing such great art of them ;)
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Your very good. Amazing work!!!☺☺☺
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cool , a remake C18 vs Cell
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simply amazing
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T__T wonderful
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is hunter x hunter good can you make a berserk art of Guts and Casca if your in a mood 
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now you suggested it, the answer is no.
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