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Hello, nice art! :D (Big Grin) I was wondering if I could use this piece of art for a Nightcore Lyric Video? I'll give you full credit and I can even give you the link to the video if you want. Please let me know, thank you!
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BymaxtherealmuteHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it 100th comment
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Can I promote this picture on @tgfandom Twitter we have 23.7 followers and I would love to show people your work
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WildieCrazyHobbyist Digital Artist
Creepy but OMG SO COOL!
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I love the colours in this and how you manage to capture Kaneki's sadness and insanity. Amazing work.
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PixelPenguin123Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's so fucking awesome. It sends chills down my spine. *O*
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soooooooooo cooooooooool
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OMG!!! That looks so awesome ^_^ Great job! I love it!

PS: Uhm... Does someone know why Kaneki's nails got black? I just can't think of anything logical :D
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ohmygod same! i've been thinking about that for days now ^^ ♡
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Oh man I saw the reply just now, anyways, I got an anwser per note from L-Tenshi. I will post it here for ya ^^

"I think the reason his nails are black is due to him being hit with something heavy (like a hammer) in the fingertips.

If you ever hit yourself with a hammer by accident it turns it black as the blood is becoming old under the fingernail. In some cases the nail might come off however maybe due to Kaneki being a ghoul his regeneration prevents that.

Hope that answered your question, albeit the answer might be a bit brutal-ish."
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probably about to make this my wallpaper XD btw great job this is very inspirational!
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This looks incredible! Amazing job on this. :)
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It looks very awesome with the colors! I loove it☺
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I like this so much, I'll make it my wallpaper!  
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I'm amazed how great this anime is... I love badass Kaneki and all the others.. But I just hope it won't go the wrong way
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KinokoPengiunStudent General Artist
fu*king awesome
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WOW !!!! your art is simply amazing and I love the colouring and the way you did Kaneki 
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Really dark, Love it!!
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Kaede88Hobbyist Artist
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loveless-senpaiHobbyist Digital Artist
woah wish I could make things like this ;n;
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He so creepy... Yet, so cool! :D
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lepenjokeStudent General Artist
Spocking Kaneki!  lol X"D
Cool pic by the way.
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