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Hi, I really love your photos.
They inspire me to draw them.
you mind if I do? I'll give all the credit of inspiration
Thank you for these pictures so beautiful.Heart 
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I have a question ... Where did you get those awesome garters? :3
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Wow, delightfully erotic.
Skaramine's avatar
Your stockings look better than the doll's.

*thinking about how to put something similar on the doll.*
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You're kinda like a chameleon - in one picture you look incredibly bad ass, then somewhat pretty or stunningly sexy. I guess you're just really good at creating and using your outfits. Clap 
Pieces--Of--Me's avatar
Very nice job, and you're beautiful.
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Really nice work!!!
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That's creepy on so many levels I like it.
melodyofdeaddeanders's avatar
as they say.. love thy neighbour..
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pretty sexy doll
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Nice work, well done!
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Awesome, good job!
Mann-of-LaMancha's avatar
Is this an example of 'life imitating art; imitating life'?

An excellent cosplay.
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That kinda reminds me of that comic I read Black Harvest :)
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You are awesome!! (not the doll) Tasty belly..... lickmote 
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Its looks like an older version of madeline from " Leon "
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Ah omg yeah sorry. my bad :s
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cool interpretation of the doll's look! :nod:
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