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Magnificent ! 💫❤️
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gintama? ... that sounds familiar...
awesome painting :)
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This must be a message from the gods themselves! Nuu  I've been looking for exactly THIS kind of picture for ages. Of course, "Everlasting Gazes" does the trick too, but it was precisely this what I needed.

Well, not I, but a friend who was looking for some sort of "starting point" for her story.

You are--You talk too much! and You talk too much!   <-- (Most likely an hour full of praises).

Thank you!
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I'm not sure exactly what you mean?
You guys arent planning on using him in Roleplay/story writing?
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I know, it's confusing.

But no, in truth she only wants/needs an image to picture her character's personality and voice, as the image already provides the looks. This would be no trouble if only she knew how to draw (I'm no exception. Helping her is a pain sometimes).

Call it a simple source of inspiration.
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Oh okay! ;u; Thank you for explaining it!
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Stunning work :heart: I love your art. Somehow you always paint whatever is in my mind.
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Is this a guy or a girl? also, I LOVE how the anime came back, just finished all of it and when I found out a new season was coming i was like WOOHOO
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He is a male ^^
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Impressive work! Clap 
Personally, I always thought that this is the kind of face, which has a Death.
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I don't have the money for commissions. T-T
But I love your art, so keep being amazing! ^O^
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I really love his faceexpression and how intense his eyes are <3
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I love everything of the face. OMG, those eyes *-*
The hair looks a bit weird, though.
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It amazing.. *-* *-*
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