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come. with your body and soul

By NanFe
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Bleach 525

I think this is the first time Bleach gives me this kind of feeling, and it's been awhile, since the fight betweetn Naoto and Haine from DOGS, 2 "beasts" versus each other like they "making out", oh my god, what's with these sensual feelings, that bloody lust..., the way they fight, they think, they talk,...and not any skin-ship or corny talk, this exictement is something,,,,
what's with "that lust..drew us like moths to a fame..."

and I'm not even a fan of Unohana, but her face is so beautiful in these recent chapters, so gracefull, but deadly, it kind of hurt me a bit just looking at her face...the way she smile gracefully, the way she opened her eyes wide open in fighting ;_____;, and, *high five* to her, look like she's a secretly sadistic with those healing and killing Kenpachi, hi'hi'

nostalgically, these two so remind me Haind and Naoto, seriously,

damn....waiting for next week again....

SAI, 2 hours

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COMMISSION Info (Nov 29 2012)

1.Portrait. Head Shot

20$ additonal characters are 18$ each with simple effect background

2.Chest Up

30$ additonal characters are 25$ each with simple effect background

3.Waist Up

50$ additonal characters are 45$ each Knee up and Full Body are comming soon, I will do examples with details so that you can have more optional choice

+++ Painting Commission+++

(NEW) 1. Monochrome Painting: 60$ 2. Colored Painting: 80$

Please see the details on these e

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This portrait is so full of emotion,  especially when you know the back story...
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Will anybody save this poor . . . angel ?
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Excuse me, but while I was browsing through the deviations in my messages I found a fanfiction piece with this same image as the preview image.

Your style is so distinct that I immediately went thought of you and then searched through your gallery in case the preview image they used wasn't actually yours. 

In their Artist comment, they do not mention you as the original artist or put up a disclaimer. 

Here is the link to that piece. 

Best of luck dealing with this issue. 
It's the very amazing art I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing ))
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cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolCutie Holiday Give Gift - 13 NaNoEmo #29 Oops! Oops! Rolling 
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You really captured the feeling with this one. Amazing
Lady-Compassion's avatar
Every time I see this...I want to cry.  You have made a wonderful last moment for this amazing women Nan-Fe!!
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Komm, süsser Tod
Lyhanne's avatar
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no words! great!
TachCavalieR's avatar
Atleast it helped Zaraki "talk to his zanpakuto" :bored:
He better reach bankai after all that!!
Captain Unohana! :depressed:
naruXhinata's avatar
wow That's too wonderful
RitsuSoul's avatar
That's too wonderful. All your work is fantastic and your style of art interesting.
Greatly well done and emotions pass through it
Thanks for sharing :pray:
theforgottenGrief's avatar
very epic drawing :D
you are prophet
RiseDarkMoon's avatar
completely agree with you
in your every word....I wasnt even a fan of her....but she was so awesome in the latest chapters!
PrettyOdd1991's avatar
Oh my God, I have had exactly the same feelings *.*
JecOlantern's avatar
omg! you finished this within 2 hours? :iconepicclapplz:
Lady-Compassion's avatar
Nan.....this is outstanding really captures the emotions.....:iconbouquetplz:
Kishioze's avatar
My Godness Awesome ! So powerful !!
ChikaraRyoku's avatar
totally awesome work
what you said makes sense. they way they fight, it's like they both love and hate each other
Complete-Cora's avatar
<3 I love this!!
RosyRose1's avatar
cool :)
but sad for the girl that she would be kild..... :sadness:
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