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How do you take your pictures? Which timed burst shots, with a friend behind the camera, or you make a video, and then screenshot? This are really nice shots!
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Great work!  I like this series of before and after, ideas and results.  Very cool!
SergioInLA's avatar
If you're not the most stylish girl out there, I don't know who is.
angelichope's avatar
Man, those are great looks!!!XD
Galaxyko's avatar
ZombieFighter116's avatar
I'm getting a horror movie motif for the one on the right!
KidoKoala's avatar
Their legs look sexy in long socks!
CadaverCrafts's avatar
Oh wow im completly in love with the dress on the right, its really great!
Abetwabe's avatar
That girl is so very beautiful. Great artwork too.
guardianarchangel's avatar
very beautiful 
love the design
axleonex's avatar
You and your 2D avatar :)
Nocluse's avatar
Great drawings!
ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
I was thinking you looked dressed for the Black parade. :D
great modeling and drawing :)
aatheone's avatar
The model is so beautiful ... love-her-it ...
Morlon01's avatar
You always look so sad :/...
(but still beautiful)
VelvetTouches's avatar
I adore your outfits and the way you look in them. You have a certain something about you that is very attractive.
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