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I'm currently watching the second season and man...
The feeling is heartbreaking; knowing that the person you love is lost due Yamori's torture.
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simply just amazing
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What's one thousand minus seven ? -.-
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*the answer mouse writes 993 on a paper and slaps it to your forehead*
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I figured you'd like that :)
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Exactly! you're right .)
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Amazing - this is powerful, wow Nod  
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Love the manga. Only watched the last episode of the anime to see Ken transform. Amazing plot though.
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I just watched SSN-1 of Tokyo Ghoul, so now I get it. And that makes it even More awesome
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Tokyo ghoul and your amazing artistic abilities... Could there be a better combination? 
xD this looks really awesome <3
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no kidding
I'm really loving your tokyo ghoul stuff omg 

Yep, Kaneki just does this thing where he shows up everywhere XD 
precious baby ;-;
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Awesome! I really love Tokyo Ghoul n_n
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this is soooooooooooo amazing <3
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yay tokyo ghoul<3 your style really compliments it
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"Boku no naka ni, Dare ka iru no ?" <3

The mask is amazing
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