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So much feeling in this, I feel words coming at me

Pierced by shards of shattered glass Deeper and deeper they stabbed us
With lies and venomous words
Dissecting our hearts piece by piece Crushed like
the petals of a withered rose we're…
Scarlet blood seeps into our very souls
Drip Drip Drip Into pieces and a bloody mess we sacrificed us
for our secrets;
Secrets they tried to tore from us
of the love we keep 
torn from the very fabric that are we,
Gracing the love that is us
Trust tossed like an empty vessel
Now karma a poisonous snake they will plead.
To be on death row,
decomposing Dripping into the night 
Silently fading and fading Stung by their viper lips,
smiling grinning laughing at us Until we are no more  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx