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Really beautiful work
ForsakenSacrifice's avatar
Would it be okay for me to use this as a profile picture?
I won't crop out the watermark and I'll cite you as artist.
SilverShadow4's avatar
This looks just like my D&D character except she's an elf with darker red eyes :D
aaawhyme's avatar
how do you get the watery painty look? what brushes do you use? lovely art! *A*
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Josy57's avatar
Deeply beautiful ! I love the stormy background and the way you highlighted the hair !
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empressofmelnibone's avatar
Haunting. Just Haunting. I'm pretty much speechless.
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dravnofficial's avatar
Lovely piece.
I especially like the color you chose for the eyes.
Anaerith's avatar
Okay, I must say it. I love your style and your arts <3
Kotyka's avatar
Great work !
Mangatellers's avatar
Wow! Excellent art work. I like the expression and the strong feeling of the wind. Well done! :D
RavingRobot's avatar
Dark and beautiful. I feel a sense of loneliness and yearning in this picture.
Paw07's avatar
Beautiful, hauntingly so.
Ape-the-Impaler's avatar
Beautiful work! Love it!
kigamonsta's avatar
I love this artwork, I was listening to this song ([link])when I found this it kinda suits it for me and it opened up a new perspective to this artwork...:) which is kinda lonely and sad but epic at the same time...:O
mermadine's avatar
so awesome. very nice work. so dark and cold :O
aDutchBoy's avatar
Really cool portrait and words added :)
ThenCameMyself's avatar
seriously, this is just plain out insane. [in a good way ^_^] everything is just made.. imperfectly perfect. don't know exactly what Im saying, but you should understand/comprehend. :D
Leina-chan's avatar
His face, the expression, the atmosphere... beautiful !
And the eyes, it's so intense !
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