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This is the best hxh art I've ever seen

Snagging this for temp Facebook.

Æsir Hermes Jin


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Wow, this drawing alone was beautiful but paired with that poem... there are no words for its beauty 
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Musician of the dark arts!
What is the policy on use of this art work? it is absolutely amazing and I'd like to use it as a banner on a website. Sorry if this has been answered before or is a dumb question. I've never seen a piece of art that I wanted until now. Thought asking was only right. 
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I love your hunter x hunter fan art , it's such a surreal style for such a different anime/manga . Fits perfectly !
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Oh hell yes, thank you! I loved the final episodes in the Spiders arc.
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Looks like he is composing a music piece : O
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Oh my Chrollo, this is perfect in every way.
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That badass moment in hxh
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Looks really great.) I like the atmosphere
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I love this so much, I love it even more that I know who it is. Great job as always.
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that looks amazing
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woah now I got the soundtrack in my head *o*    That was such a strong scene tho...
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Hunter X Hunter !!! ♥
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CHROLLO ;-; i love that quote so much.
this is by far one of my favorite fan arts of him! 
your works are truly beautiful.
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