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The First Kenpachi


Bleach 523

well, after 2 weeks, Tite Kubo still haven't shown Byakuya yet, but still, such a great chapter this week, so I forgive him...

I'm sure that Zaraki is gonna to be beaten up like pulp by "The First Kenpachi", look at her hair, and her smile, no joke eh?

but, well, I think we should prepare to say goodbye to one of them, but I got a feeling that Captain Unohana will be the next "chosen one" who out of the game...,

I think this is my first fanart of Captain Unohana, if I'm not wrong, this is also the first time, Tite Kubo showed the real "badass" woman in Bleach (I love strong women you know), I hope that hewill give some good fights just like Captain Commander...

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COMMISSION Info (Nov 29 2012)

1.Portrait. Head Shot

20$ additonal characters are 18$ each with simple effect background

2.Chest Up

30$ additonal characters are 25$ each with simple effect background

3.Waist Up

50$ additonal characters are 45$ each Knee up and Full Body are comming soon, I will do examples with details so that you can have more optional choice

+++ Painting Commission+++

(NEW) 1. Monochrome Painting: 60$ 2. Colored Painting: 80$

Please see the details on these e

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Your art is breathtaking :worship: revamp 
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thaks for the art
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... Oh my gosh, this is amazing...
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This is breathtaking, very sublime.
Do you have this in 1920 x 1080? Thanks!!
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that is wonderful. captured magic
She healed her opponents so she could make the fight last longer, not herself. That is what's so scary.
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First, best and ONLY true kenpachi!!!!
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your bleach fan arts are incredible! they make me want to start reading bleach again!
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I don't read the manga but this is the best spoiler ever!

Restu was always one of my favorite characters but after looking stuff up after seeing this picture I'm in love :love: Now she is my hands down favorite character!

Sorry about all that, this is a beautiful fanart of Unohana or should I say Yachiru? Excellent work, simply breath taking this will go right to my favorites :+favlove:
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This is literally the best Unohana fanart ever. It's hauntingly beautiful.
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Awesome fanart, loved your style to draw and paint, faved :)!!!!
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Best. Unohana art. Ever. No more words needed.
The sad part is she admitted that Kenpachi zaraki cold out fight her when he was a kid.
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this is so fking beaitiful I made it my wallpaper, great work!
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The atmosphere... gorgeous work, all of it!
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This is very beautiful. I love the effects of the brush on the whole entire painting :) I was so surprised when I found out how Unohana changed quickly...
What program do you use?
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nice really good job !!
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Awesome digial work. Damn this is badass who knew the quiet captain unohana is the first kenpachi
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I saw this picture in my manga app when I was reading Bleach
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