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yooo this is so cool

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Yo stop following me around it's creepy
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i was here february 7th! you're the one following meee

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You hate days?.....i cant imagine your day to day life.....

Get it? :3
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Hentai is the shit.
Yo cool, my birthday is July 2nd, hello cancer friend
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Oh my god. She was holding you in her stomach for w/o months or simply giving birth!?
You are one of The best artists in the world, for me ^^
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I don't know what to say but I have s much to say😢
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Like you're feeling a little depressed? .-. isn't it? 
May the void bless you
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I likes your art style no.......
I lavs it
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share your perfect vision with us, little girl! ;-;

I like your profile. You are interesting :3 And I like your art style too; it's pretty dark and haunting
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Wow,i realy admire the art 
My fav and my Watch
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I like this because you gave us a you like and dislike you shared your opinion on thing and I which their where more people like you love you inpration of words and love your art thank you for inspiring me to keep going not to give up.🖤
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nice i like it :)
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Oh god I just noticed my horrible grammar I'm sorry
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I srsly love his one. it's awesome! (But When I read your the Date of your birth I was like "4TH OF JULY!!" and then I realized it was actually the 1st of july lol im dumb)
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met or meet?
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I love this piece, very good!
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May I ask what pixel size you put this in to where it shows up as a full image on your DA page?
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