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shoulda darkened the skin color, but overall this is absolutely amazing!

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This is so beautiful

Elegant and Formidable.

Wooooow this reflects perfectly katara using blood bending she doesn’t want to but have to and the emotion 100/10

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This might just be the prettiest katara fanart

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Exactly the energy from the introduction episode. Gently creepy, rather tragic... but compellingly beautiful.
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I stumbled upon this work of art by chance, and been staring at it for the last ten minutes.
It's enchanting. Feels alive.
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Congratulations Katara, your a Blood Bender.
Evil Starfire laugh emoticon/avatar avatar gif katara no 
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Love the colour.
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This is so unfathomably beautiful, just like all of your art. :heart: Keep up the amazing work. :love:
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Marvellous! I just love the vibrant red with just that hint of blue in her eyes. :+favlove:
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I really like this a lot. Very cool impression!
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Katara is the best, and this piece of art is the most breathtaking piece of her. EVER. Thank you for this Heart Heart Heart 
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very beautiful!! Michael Rosen Nice Emote 
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wow she's so cool ! very beautiful drawing i love it ! *-*
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I agree, avatar: the last airbender was epic, but the movie was sacrilege and Korra was a disappointment.
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I agree too!!! Nod 
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awesome, more like this please~
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I love the mood of this picture.

It's truly work of art.
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this turned out amazing, probably my favorite fanart that I've seen of her!
Great work! :clap:
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I love the way the eyes pop and contrast to the reds in this.  It's beautifully done!

P.S. Last Airbender and Korra were epic  :D (Big Grin)  And the movie doesn't exist (eff you, Shyamalan) 
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