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Dang this is so cool
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Dayum one of my favourite Hisoka fanarts I ever found, especially in your style, it looks just breathtaking!
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This fits his song "Requiem of madness" so well!!!!
His distraught character is portrayed perfectly.... 

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Oh my god, this is the best Hisoka fanart I EVER saw !!! *_____________________*
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OH BOYAH! great work <3
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so cool, realy nice work ^^ i love it
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Great job on those hands!! :)
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I feel like I'm the only person in the world cheering for Chrollo, tho they're both awesome characters! Amazing work as always, I rather enjoy the mood of it :D
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That's what I was thinking too ;^; Aaaaaah~ don't you dare die Hisokaaaa~~~! :iconruncryplz:

This is wickedly gorgeous ♠ I love it 

Btw, did you know his Birthday's on June 6th? X'D
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Damn that loos scary. I love it.
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Lowl that face! :XD:

"I wanna kill you so hard"
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Hisoka is by far my favorite HunterxHunter character ahhHHH
there's something so damn compelling about his character, something I find so freakishly attractive <3 <3 
I'm so glad you took the time to draw him oh my god he looks more gorgeous than usual <3
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crollo has him on the ropes now!
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There's a manga short by the artist for Tokyo Ghoul about Hisoka. Looking forward to that.…
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Well, if the author has the guts to kill one of them with all the fandom raging around to let them live, it would be ballsy !
I'm okay that one of them die but... Chrollo went throught a lot of power changes within the story, it would be a shame for him to not face Kurapika.
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hahaha yeah it would be way to anticlimatic, plus hisoka didnt even show any new tricks so far its been such a onesided battle.
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