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Frozen Elegy

By NanFe
first commission on 2015, a white dragon girl with awesome boobies to bring me luck, since I always get bad luck with white and yellow ...

Chest up commission of Viseniya for her OC, Sarah,,,

I love how most of my clients observe my style carefully and ask me to do something I'm good at lolz

***Edit: since there's someone reported this deviation for not putting the "Mature Content" tag, here is the rough anatomy I did from the start, if you still insisted there're some nipples things, well, none of my bussiness.

Hghghghgh By Nanfe-d88ad4r (1) by NanFe


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Commission Info ( July 2014)Updating the examples of my Commission Info, the prices for each commission type do not change.
1.Portrait. Head Shot

additonal characters are 18$ each

with simple effect background
2.Chest Up

additonal characters are 25$ each

with simple effect background

3.Waist Up


Bleach 506: Bankai: Zanka No Tachi by NanFe
additonal characters are 45$ each

4.Knee Up

Listen To Our Tales by NanFe
Untill The Day We Meet by NanFe
Love Poems For Dying Children by NanFe
additonal characters are 55$ each

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Now that is good stuff! Great render!

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stunning beauty!!!!!
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can i use this as loading screen for my warcraft vampirism map? *_*
it can just be 512x512 so i would write "image by nanfe @ deviantart"
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this is awesome. have a character concept that this image fits very well for.
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Must favorite this. Utterly gorgeous!
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Gorgeous !
I love everything : the scene, the colors, how her eyes stand out, her facial expression, the physics, the details blah blah blah...... :D
Great work !! :)
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Demon or draconic.
LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
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Would you mind if I make a smudge picture out of this? 

It looks beautiful, and I could work with that xD 

I'll link you in the description of course when I'm done with it ^^
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this is the work of commission from my client, I won't allow anyone use it unless you ask the client who ordered this for permission.
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ah, okay 
thanks for the quick reply ^^
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Dangerous and beautiful blue eyes. Thank you Ika Musume (Sparkle Eyes) [V1] 
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I love the work. As for the person who flagged it; forget about them. Your art-work is fine, no nudity, so it doesn't need a mature content filter. Keep up the gorgeous work, NanFe.
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She has very sad eyes, great work ♥
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This is just so beautiful, i love it *o*
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This looks amazing!
Lalitheia's avatar of your best yet...
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Hmm..nope, the only thing I see is awesome.
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This is gorgeous! Love those eyes too :meow: 
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I love your style, it's amazing

But you just draw the same thing over and over and over.
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If you're getting sick of it, why dont you just ignore it and and go out?, just like I do with other artitsts who do the same thing I dont like over and  over and over  , 

, anw, you cant just ask a person who prefer to stay in the dark to describle the light, people have different reality, 
lolz grow up and learn how to deal with the world  man
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