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Badass outfit!!!
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SolerimaHobbyist General Artist
Look like the antihero, i like it
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I really like your style! 
Both your style of art and your style of dress. 

I particularly like these pictures with a photo of you on one side and your painting based on the photo on the other. It creates contrast and symmetry that I enjoy. 
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IzzyMarrieHobbyist Writer
Digging the pants.  I swear, I have a couple of good pairs myself, but I am still needing more with buckles XD  (buckles are always the best lol)  Also, as for this being your "haven't washed my hair for 2 days" outfit, I have plenty of those lol  There's a lot of times I come home from work and just feel like slapping something on before I get motivated to do anything, let alone shower
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Brilliant, love it x
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cornelginHobbyist Photographer
great work
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zue2102Student Digital Artist
so cool~
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Gold-AngelHobbyist General Artist
Good image of dark fashion
wonderful- neat🌺
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AnimebornHobbyist General Artist
It's a bit hard to see the woman on the right's pants
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EvelynVictusHobbyist General Artist
Cool outfit! :clap:
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I like the shirt
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MartsuiaHobbyist Digital Artist
OH MY GOD IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! Btw awesome outfit!
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HyenaxHobbyist Digital Artist
She looks quite a lot like CommunityChannel
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Liii22Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing *-*
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XxBattleLionessxXProfessional Digital Artist
You have seriously cool clothes ^^ I love the idea of drawing yourself from photos, you have great talent for both drawing and setting up a moody and atmospheric photo :)
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Marvellous. You're a splendid artist, and a genuine beauty yourself! :love:

Happy Friday the Thirteenth to you, btw. broken mirrors cause ..... 

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VonRabenherzHobbyist General Artist
So is not washing your hair for two days a lot?
Always thought it's not that good for your hair if you wash it every single day ...
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RaylaOpalStudent Interface Designer
As amazing as ever <3
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DKdoubleshotStudent Digital Artist
Nice work
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dtuivsHobbyist Digital Artist
Dude, you're a Badass
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