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Absolutely amazing
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Don’t fear the reaper is my all time favorite song and now it’s pair with my new favorite drawing
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This is so good you can hear the music as a distant echo with the back beat of the moving clanking chains.  It is haunting and enchanting!
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fantasztikus alkotásokWink/Razz 
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Amazing level of detail
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Your drawings are amzing
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holy shit, amzing
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Blue Oyster Cult. What a suiting touch.
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This is enthralling.
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Excellent....many of your drawings remind me Luis Royo (i'm a big big fan)
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sorry, i dont like him.
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Ohhh no problem don't be sorry haha ! so many artist and different kind of art...some of your drawings just remind me royo style....btw i'm also fan of your drawings :boogie:
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Wait, is the music calming that thing or drawing it closer?
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Wow!!! Amazing :love:
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Oh my... I'm in love
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This. is.Kerosukeeee  AMAZING!! Lol power Incredible Job!!! Also, good taste in music:bagpipes: .
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this art the best of those I've seen in my life.
very beautiful character who plays despite the fact that at any time he can kill her.
is simply not find the words s top than perfect 10/10
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