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Everything about this image is impressive and beautiful. A master at work!

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It's nice seeing an Artist at work!!!
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Amazing work and it looks like a fun project!
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that painting is fucking cool!
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You are so..Perfect :)
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Am I the only one who thinks you need boobs in order to look good in this dress? I think I am
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Since i just changed the id, so here my opinion for you of the last id.
I dont need boobs to wear whatever I like. I feature your comment because it's fun to see people with honest feeling toward big boobs (i'm a fan of them too), but it's not like I should get plastic surgery to get bigger to match your "opinion", man, if you wanna see something suit your taste, dA right now has lots of them.
Do not answer any further or I'll block you. Thanks and have a nice day.
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Yup, I think you might be :P
In my opinion the shirt looks pretty awesome on her, maybe especially because of her size. 
Big boobs sometimes destroy outfits... :D 
(not physically. visually.)
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You're an ass. 
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Why? Beacuse I express my oppinion ?
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No, you're an ass for openly insulting a woman's appearance and then neglecting to take responsibility for your statement by waving it off as if it were nothing.

So, not only was that said in poor taste, but it was highly uncalled for.
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That's quite rude. Even if it's an "opinion".
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So very beautiful
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O_O damn. Very alluring
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you remind me pose of Ruki from the gazette :) Love this pose
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Do you make your own outfits? They're really cool.
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