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Disney GOT Tyrion Lannister

Hear me roar! 
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I feel a song coming on...
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This is a silly picture.
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Your GOT pictures are sooo cool !!! :D
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Disney does need to make this!
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Tyrion's one of my faves 
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I can almost hear him say: "Hey man! Relaxe!"
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He's such a little badass.
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Hahahhaaha! This is awesome! :3
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This actually looks more accurate to Tyrion in the book. There are a lot of things in Game of Thrones that wouldn't be appropriate for Disney...but then again they do the same thing only it's hidden subliminally while GOT does it in plain obvious sight.
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I love his "Yo" expression.
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Peeetaaaaah, dinkaliii-ige peta dinklaaaaaaaaage!

If Disney made Game of thrones, they would have to get the rights B/C HBO beat em to it, also, it might be disney's first animated "R rated" film, considering the incest, beheadings, nudity, plagues, more incest, more bewbs, more beheadings, EVEN MORE INCEST, AND THAT WOULD JUST BE THE FIRST 5-10 MINUTES!!!!

Third, disney will mot make traditional 2D animated movies for a LOOOOONG time, if not never again. So this is gonna be the closest thing to it.
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ahahaha, genius :D
And wow, it looks amazing owo 
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You are amazing. 
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He's an angry elf...
Mike-the-dabbler's avatar
He must be from the south pole.
Why Disney whyyyyy.
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Hahaha, Tyrion looks great as a Disney styled character! He is the best Lannister <3
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Tyrion is best Lannister xD. Good job :D
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Hehehe Tyrion is one of my favourites of the show.
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