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Disney GOT Jon Snow

How excited would be Game Of Thrones by Disney?
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John Snow is a Disney Princess, confirmed.

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This is a cute picture you made.
I'm so glad the happy couple are together again :D

Seriously though, this showcases that in a way, Jon Snow and Ghost found their Happily Ever After in each other :aww:
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awww whos a good boy
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Wow! Jon is so adorable here!
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Love Jon's expression
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Oooh, the wolf will eat the squirell ?? (I'm french, my english is not very good ^^' )  

This drawn is very beautiful ! ^^
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if GOT was done by would be a lot less..."stuff". XD this is incredible!!
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Haha, pretty cool! Love this idea. Also - your Tyrion Lannister as Disney Character looks cool too. 
Yes, Johnny. Pinky up like a proper little night's watch
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AAAHHHH!! JON!! :D EU AMO O JON!! (e o Ghost, mas mais o Jon!)
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nohoho - No way! Ain't that cute?
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probably it would be severely censured... think about what they did with Pinocchio...
Looks awesome. Zoom in and you can tell how f*cked that squirrel is by the look of its face.
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I love it! It's such good idea!
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IDK why, but Kit harrington was hot in Pompeii, but...he just makes Jon Snow look like a big bitch who was hired with a low paycheck
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very handsome
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Oh my god, these Disney GOT pics are AWESOME! 
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