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Disney GOT Cersei Lannister

Feito com meu parceiro e irmão Anderson Mahanski. 
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I can imagine this being in an animated Disney film, and the first to be co-distributed by Warner Bros.

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At first, I thought she was in a wildfire cache. Now I'm thinking it's her personnal wine cellar.
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Fantastic art :la:
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Odeio essa mina, mas amo esse desenho! *u*
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Cruel and beautiful. Cersei's got the perfect eyebrows and personality traits for a Disney Villain. She would also fix one thing: there's an appalling lack of blond(e) Disney Villains.
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I am starting to feel as if Disney missed a opportunity here! She would be another great villainess, somewhere between Cruella de Ville and Maleficent!
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amazing work on cersei lannister
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I love these!!! Great job!!
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My god, you captured Cersi's face PERFECTLY. You are a wizard. 
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How could you fancy this?Cruel GoF and kind Disney ^_^
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Very fitting for her character!
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Now we need a family friendly Disney version of Prince/King Joffrey
Mira-Ricky's avatar
I'm absolutely agree.So we're waiting )))
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Shame! Shame! Shame! *bell rings*
She'll have her revenge.
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I love that she's standing in a wine cellar :D
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I don't think that's wine... :fear:
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the way her dress trails behind her is almost snake-like!I love it!
WickidlyStrange13's avatar
Looks brilliant! :D Reminds me of a Disney Princess :D
More like the evil queen.
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This is her already ! I love your conversion. :D
Really nice work. 
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This is insane. nailed it 100% x a billion.
Holy shit you've got talent.
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