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June 17, 2014
Disney GOT Bram and Hordor by nandomendonssa
This artwork made me laugh when I saw it, turning Game of Thrones into a Disney movie seems absolutely crazy, but nandomendonssa certainly did a great job at it. He drew a few other Disney Game of Thrones artworks too but I chose this one because of how happy it looks, the innocent joy on Hodor's face is priceless.
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Disney GOT Bram and Hordor

Hordor, Hordor, Hordor, Hordor, Hordor, Hordor...!!! 
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redrex96's avatar
This Could Quit be Disney Except for the Sex Blood Violents the Bad Langues and less Realistic[In Midieval Terms] you Know what I Mean.
Cricky-Vines's avatar
The background in this one is really gorgeous! Well all of these are really nice ^-^
LaikiWolf's avatar
Never does game of thrones look as happy as this... 
Diego-Cobo-Sanchez's avatar
Triple ovationClap Clap Clap  for the original drawing idea, the Disney likeness and the Bran-Wylis cutenessLove Love ! Thank you for this, nandomendonssa!
Makosharkman's avatar
very well drawn.
Dick-Plant's avatar
Hold the door! Hold the door!
ZX-Click's avatar
My soul... HODOR.
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Feuersteincomics's avatar
ever wondered why door is spelled "dor" and not "dur", although it has a double o?
Wesdaaman's avatar
I'd like to see how the GoT dragons would look like in a Disney style
tsumefan2's avatar
its hodor not hordor
brotherbandit's avatar
it's not hodor, its "hold the door!"
thilee's avatar
Its Bran and Hodor!!
Wait0wat's avatar
yep, that's the Disney style all right. OK, now this show has my interest in finding out why it's so loved.
C'est vraiment super, j'adore :)
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HUBLERDON's avatar
Two seconds later, they are both brutally murdered by passing soldiers who see them from a distance and mistake them for a bear. Meanwhile, the red-faced god George RR Martin sits in his ivory tower in valhalla, chuckling at his own morbid cleverness. Moving the figures of Bran and Hodor off the world's chessboard, he raises his massive rock high into the the air, and brings it down.


Great artwork.
Cartoonicus's avatar
I love every one of these Disney GOT pieces...

And I've never even seen Game of Thrones.
UntitledSpy's avatar
Hehehe precious Hodor.
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