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January 27, 2015
Memories Of Feeling by nancekievill expresses so much by using the posture and expression in combination with the title.
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Memories Of Feeling

EDIT: Wow! I got a DD!! OMG! Thank you DA, and thank you everyone for your comments and praise! Getting a DD was on my bucket list - never thought I'd actually get one!

Painting steps here

A few months back I found myself reading Neuromancer by William Gibson. I was totally blown away by the book and have since gone on to read a number of his other novels. I really love the the cyberpunk world that Gibson conjures up and I felt inspired to paint something from that rich and gritty universe.

A particular image from Neuromancer that I couldn't get out of my head was the description of a bartender called Ratz and his prosthetic arm: "It was a Russian military prosthesis, a seven-function force-feedback manipulator, cased in grubby pink plastic". For some reason this imagery stuck with me, and it became the core subject and inspiration for this painting.

I was keen that my painting should echo Gibson's 1980s view of the future, and therefore the technology should seem beyond our time but have a retro feel for a modern audience. I designed the robotic arm to be functional but awkward and clunky looking. I felt that to be realistic the arms required a power source that the user must carry around - implanted. The wiring and cables are untidy and exposed, and the ribbon connector to her head is inspired by the old peripheral connectors that you used to see on printers from the 80s and 90s.

The whole prosthesis installation is functional but not pretty, except for the metallic-pink paint job. This, I hope, captures the essence of cyberpunk.

Reference and inspiration: Photograph of Basia Szkaluba by Errikos Andreou (
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Just beautiful to be honest!

Irrepressible-Id's avatar

An outstanding interpretation of the father of cyberpunk's work! Great work! 👏👏👏👍

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Wow wow 🤩 this is absolutely beautiful💖

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Sorry but this is a masterpiece, not simple art. No word to describe it

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Did you know that your art was used in this video?:…
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This looks like a character I created for one of my books. If you don't mind, I'm going to use your art as inspiration!
Sooo f***ing awesome. Now I have to read this novel.
Thank you for this amazing artwork!
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this is simply awesome! 
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Really appreciate the comment. Thanks.
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This is amazing!
I love the detail and the concept
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Hey. Thank so much :)
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I fav this one awhile ago but never commented on it...nail'd it
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Wow! Beautiful mechanisms)
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This is truly wonderful in its detail, shading, and emotion.
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Thank you very much :)
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Thanks! Glad you like it.
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Breathtaking, congratulations! Clap 
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Wow this is fantastic. I have a similar body and hair style, and I have a robot band called the attackbots who when i'm with i essentially think of myself like this, except with blue hair. i like the relative gender ambiguity since i'm a trans girl so i straddle such lines.
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