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I think I broke him. The Cursed Files NanbakaThis is a cannon mini story for The Cursed Files. It is earlier on in the AU time line. Hajime, Honey, Ruka, and Uno are from Nanbaka. The prompt is from Pinterest. I wrote this a while back, so it may not be the best. Hajime's Prospective “Beep! Beep! Beep!” My alarm clock shouts out. I slam my fist on the clock and then get up. ‘Another day, another work session.’ I think to myself and walk to the mirror. I scratch my bald head and look at the mirror. I see my dark red eyes and the cross shaped scar under my left eye. ‘Time to get ready.’ I think and walk to my closet. I get out my normal black guard suit and black cap. I also get out the red tie, belt, and armband as well as a white shirt. I was done getting dressed, eating, and getting everything else done. I put on my black boots with red soles and headed out the door. Before I could get into my black Mitsubishi Pajero I hear my phone ring. I sigh and get it out of my left suit pocket. “What is it Honey?” I ask him and an annoyed tone. I mean he is my second closest friend and all, but why did he have to call me at 8:20. Even if I am only a few minutes from the other part of where I am I still like to drive since I do not get to do it a lot. “Well the two of us have to talk to Ruka.” He says to me and sighs. “Which building should I go to?” I ask Honey as I open the car door. “By the gym, I think.” He replies. “Okay I will meet you there.” I tell him and get into the car. “Bye.” He says and hangs up. I hang up and start the car, then drive off. I park my car in the gym parking lot and walk to the front door. When I get there, I see Honey waiting for me. He is a young adult like me that wears an outfit like a waiter’s uniform. He has light green eyes; his hair is purple going into pink and covers half of his right eye. “You’re here Hajime, let’s get this over with….” He sighs and starts to walk in, I stop him by grabbing his shoulder. “Why so down?” I ask raising an eyebrow in concern. “Well I…” He says uncomfortably and rubs his neck with his right hand. “Well what? Answer me Honey!” I yell at him angerly. “We had a bad relationship before all this SCP nonsense. I do not want to see him again after I helped to defeat him.” He admits and tries to keep it cool. “I can understand now, but you have to understand we have to go see him.” I reply and let go of his shoulder. “Ok, thanks…” he says and smiles a bit and walks in. I follow him. “Is that what you think best friends are for?” I ask him. “I think it is.” I say to Honey. “I think so.” He agrees. We go in and wait at the front desk. A lady with a brown bun and green eyes comes out. “I will show you where Ruka is.” She says to us. We both follow her. “Here you go, if you need anything just knock and I can come help.” She assures us and walk into the haul closing the door behind her. “I think she could tell you were upset earlier.” I say and laugh a tiny bit at Honey. “Stop your laughing sounds like a monkey! Also, am still a bit upset. Well more nervous than anything.” Honey yells at me, but then laughs. “Okay I did overreact, but you did to.” He chuckles a bit and looks at Ruka. Ruka is sitting on floor of this dressing room. He does look interesting to say least. Ruka has teal hair that is short in the front, has two locks, two in the front under two smaller pieces of hair and bangs that go into a point pointing at his nose. He wears a suit like mine and a hat like mine but with different details like the three goldish hexagons lined up on his hat. As well as a teal and blue shawl that covers part of the arms, rather large blue beads that resemble Buddhist prayer beads, and blue and gold high heeled boots. Last Ruka some eye makeup and has purple eyes that have a bit of yellow as well. “What do you guys want?!?” Ruka asks in an annoyed, but also saddened tone. He puts his head on his legs face down and sighs. “Less confident huh?” Honey asks Ruka while smirking. “Shut it you fool! I need to be alone…” Ruka mumbles and only looks at Honey for a bit before looking down again. “I have an idea.” I say to Honey and then look at Ruka. “So, what is on your mind?” I ask Ruka in a serious tone. “Nothing you fool!” he yells and looks more to the right. “You are lying and in fear I can tell. It is part of my SCP powers.” I reply to Ruka still sounding serious. “I do not care, you two will never get it!” Ruka screams, then sobs. “I do not think he is going to listen, let me try something before you continue Hajime.” Honey insists and walks a bit closer to Ruka. “Here.” He says to Ruka and gives him some eyeliner in his pocket. “Don’t worry about it, this one is an extra.” He says and smiles and bit. Ruka just stares at Honey. “I…. I….” Ruka stutters then lays on his side. “I think I broke him.” Honey says and looks at me. “Well yeah you gave him something he likes and he thinks we hate him or something.” I explain to Honey, then slap him. “I recommend letting me do what I want to do next time” I continue to explain to him. “Oh great, should have thought of that. The one time I am nice to this guy it fails!” He yells, then sighs. “Stop it you…. two” Ruka says quietly and looks at us. “I did not know you guys fight, I thought you would just fight with me. I am the only one with a Euclid SCP. So why are you two Keters fighting?!?” He asks loudly while looking up at us sad, and confused. “Even if we are friends, friends still fight, also say sorry. P.S Ruka, Uno has a Euclid, he just does not believe it.” Honey tells Ruka, then tells me to say sorry. He also tells Ruka about Uno as well. “I am sorry, I got angry like usually I do.” I apologize to Honey, then focus on Ruka. “He is right about that, also we do have deadly powers. As well as the anger issues Honey and I have. Also, Uno is weird and prideful.” I explain in more detail to him. “Oh! Makes sense now I think of it. Also, Uno needs to believe he is a Euclid.” Ruka says, he looks better, but I bet it could still be improved. “Don’t worry, I was nervous to come here at first to see you because of the past, but it looks like it is somewhat ok now.” Honey chuckles just a tiny bit. Ruka looks at the eyeliner and picks it up. His eyes light up like he has seen a vision. “Well this is awkward!” He shouts and gets up. “Thank you so much you two. I understand it now. I got this SCP because of who I am, I can control water, and I take care of my looks. I am like SCP-811!” he declares and gets up confidently. I look at Honey and see he is both happy and a bit upset. “What is up?” I ask Honey in a concerned tone. “I am just worried about the fact Ruka and I may never 100% make up.” Honey explains to me. “I forgive you about the past, just do not make fun of me, or ELSE!” Ruka says to Honey becoming more threatening at the end. “Oh okay...” Honey says in a mildly worried, but also happy tone. “Well I have to go, bye!” Ruka says and skips off. “That is over with now, come one Honey.” I sigh happily with satisfaction and walk out. “Yeah.” Honey agrees and follows and closes the door behind us.
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