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Hello gang, it's been a little while since I've actually logged into my account here. For the longest time, I honestly thought I had deleted this account but I guess I could never really bring myself to do it, haha. When I first made this account I was in 7th or 8th grade (around 14-15 years old) and it actually became a large portion of my life. I was always a very bubbly and extroverted kid, making friends rather quickly, but moving halfway through High School was one of the first real times I experienced having issues connecting to people. Talking to the friends I meet here, though my online gaming, and through VOID really helped keep me focused on having, somewhat, health relations with other people. Even with the way I acted online, which still makes me laugh and cringe at my past exchanges, I enjoyed getting to know so many people. I joined my first RP group just 6-9 months after I joined Deviantart and met some truly amazing people that I would love to get reconnected to, if that's alright. I hope I have matured some since I've experienced a lot in the last 7 years, some great and some... not as enjoyable. I am still just as talkative but, I'd like to think I've improved to be able to let everyone get their voice in and trying to not be in control of the actions within a general conversation or RP format. 

I would really like to try to get back into art in the bit of free time I have and would love to try RPing with folks again! In the other portion of my free-time I am an avid gamer. I play some games on PC (even with my older laptop), got a PS4 3 years back, and saved up to snag a Switch last year. If anyone would like to possibly play a match of something sometime, please feel free to reach out to me! I am most active on PS4 with my multiplayer games being: Red Dead 2, FF 14, Smite, Destiny 2 (got that boi free :D), Monster Hunter World, JoJo's Eyes over Heaven, SNK Heroines, and other indie games. I am still a major anime fan and have converted several of my friends to watch amazing shows such as JJBA and even got my boyfriend into One Piece (we're just about to hit 600 episodes in). I've watched a bit of everything and would love to also just reconnect with folks on anime shows that we equally enjoy!

The best way to reach my these days would either be through here, my Tumblr (bananathenana), or discord Nana-Banana #2633. I am trying to get access to my old Skype account again however, I am having some trouble remembering which username I used and I might have deleted the old email account related to that account. 

General life updates:
  • Moved, a lot! Since my last post in 2016, I have moved about 4 more times. Since my first post back in 2012, I've moved 6 times
  • I became a member of VOID, a comic-focused art site but, ended up leaving after half a year to a year 
  • I got accepted into my college of choice and am majoring in Forensic Science (just 2 more semesters!)
  • I became an officer in our campus' gaming club (Event Coordinator and then Public Relations this last semester) as well as being a Co-Director for a convention we hosted!
  • I experience my first real relationship in my 2nd year of college, which didn't last and I am honestly much happier to not be in that relationship
  • I somehow got wrapped up in student government at my university, which paid really nice, and at the end of the month I will be resigning to focus on school
  • I started my first ever DnD campaign and it's been so much fun! The campaign has been active since August/September but, it feels like we still have a long way to go!
  • I'm working on a research project to document what types of native insect species in Arizona effect decaying bodies the most in this environment (hopefully we can get published in a scientific journal if all goes well!)
  • I entered my second relationship last January and our anniversary is coming up on the 26th! My current boyfriend has been one of the positive changes in my life since entering college and I couldn't be happier
  • I was suppose to graduate this spring however, I'm coming back an extra semester to retake a few classes (damn you analytical chem and Biochem)


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