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Final Fantasy VII

~Full View Please~

I finally decided to try out Painter 7. This is a test sketch I drew。K I had to use a little bit of photoshop because I am so unfamiliar with Painter...
A few questions...
-Is it possible to merge layers in Painter??!
-How do you make the canvas size smaller without making the image smaller???

I always wanted to Draw the Aeris dying Scene from FFVII. I'm so excited that they're gonna remake that scene for FFVII: Advent Children!!! I downloaded the trailer from [link] yesterday! I didn't like Cloud's voice actor... his voice is a little too low.
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Hey Cloud, you know we still have a pair of Pheonix Downs, right?
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They are doing a remake!!!
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wow!i love romantic photoes
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Poor Aerith 😢
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I loved Final Fantasy VII it got me hooked to RPG's and yes this is one of the saddest moments I have seen when I first played it
ImaDoctor96's avatar
(Cries so hard a puddle forms at his feet)
banannajoe's avatar
Saddest moment in the game
ChiiBunny123125's avatar
This is a beautiful picture, makes me wanna cry :'c
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OH man. Beautiful work.
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This picture is awesome I love it.
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I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Final Fantasty; but this picture looks beautiful!
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Love this moment:love:
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I love this scene *0*
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So sad, yet this is so very beautiful... :iconhappytearplz:
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Fav! Love this picture. This scene moves me :(
I want to play again FFVII!! XD
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It was soooo sad...:iconsadplz:
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i was 7 years old when i got to this part and when i did i never played Final Fantasy VII again until i turned 13 i cried in elementary school over this and made a collage for Aerith in memorial for her :'(
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Very well done. :)
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The game that had me addicted to RPG's. Hell that scene got me broken up, Good work on that.
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I have to say despite how much this scene broke my heart as an Aeris fanboy... this is a wonderfully done picture. I love how everything was done.

As for Cloud's voice actor, I think Steve Burton was the best choice to play as Cloud. Normally his voice isn't AS low but I believe he did excellent. Though it's your opinion, of course.
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Wow. That's all I can say.
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