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Eevee Evolutions


GellyRoll Ink Pen

My oldest daughter, Willow, is a huge fan of Pokemon.  She asked me to draw her some and when I asked which ones she wanted she said ALL THE EEVEES!  Well when I was younger there was only Eevee and 3 eeveelutions.  When I found how many there is now I thought of course she would pick the one with the most evolutions.  Anyways it ended up being one of my favorite fan arts and I have lots of requests and commissions to make other characters in this style.  If you are interested please send me and email at for more information~

Want a print? 
Email me at

How does it work? 
You send me an email with the prints and sizes you want. Then I will send you an invoice via PayPal. You can use most major credit cards to pay the invoice. Once the invoice is paid I will ship your print. When your print is shipped I will email you a tracking number for the package.

11"x14" print $8
5"x7" print $3

Shipping is a flat $2

eevee eeveelution pokemon anime manga 

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Oh my gawd, adorable.  Please tell me there are stickers somewhere from these.
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I was just going to put them on buttons but stickers are a great idea!
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I'd definitely buy that.  I see you're going to Izumi in January.  Are you also planning on hitting SUPER! Bitcon in April?
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I just started so this is all new for me. I had no idea about this one!? I am totally signing up :) If I'm approved I will post it on my front page :love: thank you so much!!!
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No problem!  I'm on the waiting list for Izumi and I already have a table for SBC.  If you're local I can also give you a list of other cons in Wichita and Tulsa that you could potentially go to.  Shoot me a message here or through facebook messenger.  I'll go send you a friend request so you know who to chat to. 
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Yeah I'm about an hour out of Tulsa :) Any list you can give me would be most appreciated :love:
Pokemon Eeveelution Pop Vinyl Figures, available in all good bookstores and Hot Topics today! Go buy 5 of each now!
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Well I think we just aren't thinking big enough here. How about 6 of each? Just cause I wanna do my idea XD
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My favorite Pokemons!!
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Glad I could provide this visual aid XD
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I am dead with cute
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XD thanks for adding this to your favorites!
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Sorry I'm afraid I don't understand ^^;
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Omg this is adorable 😍 I love it!
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Thank you so much! I loved making them XD 
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This is so unbelievably precious >w <
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