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Mon Jan 1, 2018, 9:14 PM

:icontailsmodernstyle: Sind die Bilder ok? Ich möchte gerne Farben drauf zaubern. :D Willst Du auch einen roten Choker auf seinen Hals?
Tails hanging there by NanakoHarrison tails on knees by NanakoHarrison

Skin by *firstfear

Dear anonymous deviant

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 1:27 AM

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Thank you for the core membership!! You made my day!! :blowkiss:

Beauty and the wind by nanako87

Secret of a Devil by SaturninaTheWitch



Monster in the fog by nanaphotos
I stole this from :iconpatty-kun: :heart:

1. Who is your favorite Shaman King (or Funbari no Uta) character(s)?
Ryu, of course! >D And then my brother Horo, Manta, Jun, Silva, Boris, Elly, Marion, Tamao.

2. What is your favorite pairing?
:star: RYUMAO!!! X333 :love: [I love lolicom or seem-to-be-lolicom pairings :3 btw have you noticed in opening WHERE is Tamao's HEAD?? >DDDDD~~]
:star: ... ... RyuBoris :rofl:
:star: HoroTama

3. Are you a SK yaoi or hentai fan?
hentai!!! >D~~~~

4. Ever cosplayed SK characters? If so, who, where and how many times?
nope, never xD

5. List your collection of SK junk and merchandise, if any.
* a poster
* does a figure of Ryu I made count? ._.

6. Have you ever felt that you were destined to be with a SK character? If so who?
Hahhaha xDDD No, being Ryu's fangirl is enough... XD
He would be probably scared of meh, anyway .-.

7. YohAnna or HaoAnna?

8. HoroxRen or HaoxYoh?
O.o" ...  <-- EX-yaoist
God, whyyyyy? X_x
HoRen. [HaoYoh is ok, too...let it be, whatever...]

9. Which team is your favourite?
Hanagumi and Funbari Onsen

10. Do you know who are Redseb and Seyrarm?
Some dudes from manga, huh? -,-'

11. Do you think that Pino a considerable competition for HoroHoro?

12. Your favourite X-LAWs member?
I think all the X-Laws are too narrow-minded to like them... .-."

13. Are you pro-Hao or anti-Hao?
Do you accept neutrals? .__."

14. Have you seen all Shaman King episodes so far? (including the Omake and the OVAs)
Eeeee... No! XD Some I just avoid, some I watch too much... Yeah...

15. Have you read all the chapters so far?
Nope XD

16. Who is your favorite Hao's follower?
Boris, Marion.

17. Sub or dub?
SUB!!! XDDD [Dub is hilarious, tho!]

18. Pro-Anna or Anti-Anna?

19. What do you thing of Hao's ideals?
Everyone has his/her matrix (his/her own world)... x_x

20. Chocolove = annoying or funny?
LOL funny XD. He's just love :heart:

21. Ryu= sexy or ugly?

Sexy like hell... :drool: :heart: :3

22. Which character would be the best crossdresser?
Ren, Horo (don't kill me, nii-san! xDDD), Lyserg, Hao.
and Yoh. (Sora will kill meh xD)

23. Luchist = weird looking or awesome looking?
Weird... BUT HIS UNDERWEAR IS AS AWESOME AS MARCO'S!! >DDDDDDD~~ (in manga, of course ._. )

24. Which character would be best OOC? Who and how?
REN AND MARCO!!! XD Haven't you noticed all the fanfictions people write? Ren's OOC kills me sometimes! XDDD
In the romantic/sexy meaning, of course... But I love seeing Ren as badly behaved bastard... - w -

25. Do you like SK fanfics?
Yes, if they are RyuMao RyuLys or...just crazy ._.

26. Do you write SK fanfics?
YES!! >DDDDDD~~ They are fcking crazy and SICK!!! >D Check them out on :iconnanako87: :333~~
[one gotta advertise oneself, ne? >XD]

27. Have you read any SK doujinshi?

28. Do your parents know any Shaman King characters?
Uh, kinda XD They know how Ryu looks... cuz of this… and that...…:

29. Do you know (almost) every SK characters' birthday?
Only Ryu's b-day, I guess .-."

30. Have you read The Shaman King ultimate news about manga?
YES! :3

31. Have you ever got someone else hooked on Shaman King?
No, because of my behaviour people prefer to avoid it, lolz xDDDDDDDD

32. Have you ever been drawing SK in school and have someone randomly say "WOAH! you like SK too!?"
No... Cuz of some reasons I have enough of drawing any manga charas at school.. portaits only... x_x"

33. Have you ever been in class drawing SK and the teacher comes up to you and says "wtf is this?"
It wasn't SK stuff, it was a ladybug-man... a caricature of other lecturer... and some other shit l forgot ._.

34. Has SK affected your school life and grades?
No ._."

35. Are you broke thanks to SK (wtf?)?
No... I'm broke cuz I love shopping but not SK stuff XD (I don't have such in Poland -_-")

36. Do you want to read the ManJiEn (Manta's enciclopedy)?
Reading would be better than being hit by that.. -w- Whatever... >,>"

38. Do you draw SK fanart? If so, count how many there is in your gallery.
:iconnanakoharrison: :iconnanako87: Search.
You'll find some hundreds alltogether, I think.

40. Do you have a Shaman King OC?
YES!! X333 Kirika-chan!! OwO And Rika-chan, too! sorta......

41. How did you discover Shaman King?
I turn on tv..
And saw Ryu's panties.
Pink ones.
With red :heart: s............


42. Do you recommend Shaman king to other people?
Yeah!! OwO It perverts psyche... >DDD~~

43. Are you obsessed with Shaman King?
Ńot really, why? .-."

44. WHEN did you first discover Shaman King?
First that first? About 4 years ago... But got into it two years ago.

45. Do you download Shaman King manga?
Yes :3

46. Do you download Shaman King anime?
No. xD

47. Who is your favorite character?

48. Who is your least favorite character?
Do spirits Konchi and Ponchi count? :0

49. Which character do you think is most misunderstood?
Ryu... ;__;

50. Which character is most under-rated?
Chocolove and Hanagumi D:

51. Which character has the worst past?
You know I truly hate the "who has the most screwed up past?" thing...?  -w-"
Chocolove, I think...

52. Do you even like Chocolove?

53. Do you hate Marco?
I just dislike him... -_-" But not hate...

54. Do you hate Lily Five (from anime)?
Sharona is a biatch.
Lily is the stereotype I truly hate...
Sally is awesome.
Elly is THE BEST!!! X333 :love:

55. Can anyone honestly say they hate Shaman King?
Not all, of course... :aww:
The best are the ones who used to love Mankin but after they knew Naruto - started to hate Mankin. Shit... I truly dislike them. O.o+++

56. Do you think Yoh deserved to become the Shaman King?
Let it be, I don't care. I just wanna be Ryu's Shaman Queen. xD

57. Do you think anyone else deserved to become the Shaman King?
Horo!! X333 <-- lovely sister :3

58. Does Kevin's face (not mask) creep you out?
I gave no attention to him, I'd never even noticed x_x"

59. What do you think of Hao's pants?
Cool pants! xD

60. What do you think of HoroHoro's bandanas?
I like them! :3

67. Should Ryu get a different haircut and outfit?
HELL NO!!! D:<

68. Do you think Hao is evil?
Of couse not! >: O

69. Do you think Marco is a closet-pedophile?
Yes. XD  *avoids tomatoes hitting on her xD*

70. Did you originally think Lyserg was a girl?
Let's say that I wasn't sure!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

71. Which character is the best looking?
Ryuuuuuuuuu........ :drool: :heart:

And Horo.

72. Which character is the worst looking?
Luchist... o_O

73. What was your first impression of Opacho?
"Aww, Manta will have a girlfriend!! : D"

74. Is Opacho boy or girl? >w>"

75. What was your first impression of Ryu?
HOT PANTS!!!! 8D~~~~~ (look - point 41  XD)

76. Do you think Tamao is useless?

77. Which female kicks the most ass?
Do Jun's boobz count? 8D~~

78. What is your favorite pairing?
RyuMao? >__>" You've asked about it already...

79. What is your least favorite pairing?
RYU+MILLY!! :chainsaw: [ :iconmaytsukino: 's friend knows sth about it -___- +++]

80. What pairing makes the least amount of sense?
[don't ask, you don't wanna know.. :rofl: ]

81. What do you think about Shaman King yaoi/yuri?
:star: Jun+Tamao  (PURE AWESOMNESS!! X333~~)
:star: Tamao+Pirika *___* (Pirika's THE UKE XD)
:star: Tamao+Anna... >___>" (Senpai :iconsintaro: knows why... >XD)

82. Do you think Marco is secretly depressed and/or suicidal?
Naaaaah! xD

83. Do you think Yoh is secretly a genius and just hides it?

84. Do you think Ren actually has warm fuzzy feelings for anyone?
Yes, for Jun of course :D
And Horo... (God, I don't believe I said it... I'm sorry, brother!! ;___; )

85. Do you think Marco and Tamurazaki (Manta's butler) are familiars?
I dunno, maybe... xD

86. Do you think Yoh and Manta are more then just friends?
Have you seen Manta's bed in anime? Mmmmm... I imagine Yoh hopping there... :drool:

87. Do you WANT them to be more then just friends?
[sb - and you are EX-yaoist? -w-"
me - Shaddup! xD]

88. Is Fausto obsessed with Manta or what?
I guess that..a little..maybe.. 8D

89. Does Ren secretly lust after HoroHoro?
It wouldn't suprise meh...MY BROTHER IS SEX
[I tend to suffer from the incest compex (of course in mangas/anime/OCs, not for real) ._.]

90. Is Marco secretly lusting over Jeanne?
SOUNDS GREAT!! >8DDD~~  <-- she've read too many doujinshis XD

91. Do you pair up characters fully aware that these are 12 year old kids?
[I love lolicom!!!! 8D~~ :heart: :love: :heart: ]

92. Or do you make them older just so you won't have that on your conscience?
No. :3

93. Do you like Alternative Universe Shaman King fics?
It depends on the plot... or better - a lack of plot!! >DDDDDDD

94. Do you like OC's in SK fics?
Again, it depends on the plot (or it's lack :3)

95. What type of Shaman King fans are the most annoying?
I fear Anna's fans. O_o;;;

96. Do you get mad at people who like a pairing you hate?
Sometimes... xDDDDDDD

98. What's your favorite Apache (Patch)?
SILVA! 8D~~ :heart:

99. What's your least favorite Apache (Patch)?
Does the old-fart-lady count?

100. What's your least favorite X-LAWs member?
Nobody ._.

101. What do you think about Mikihisa?
He is awesome!!!! :giggle:

102. If you could be any Shaman King character, who would you be?
Nobody, I guess... I have many fatures of Manta, Ryu and Horo. O.o"

103. What weapon would you want?
A boomerang.

104. Say something random about Shaman King or a random Shaman king quote!