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Za dusze odrzuconych by NanakoHarrison Za dusze odrzuconych by NanakoHarrison
This picture depics my witch OC Melissa and :iconkinga-saiyans:´s OC Czarcia, both witches, praying for souls of other witches, or shall I say "witches".
Witch hunt were haunting the world for centuries (in fact, there is still some witch hunt in Africa, and also in Europe when you think about right-wing politics), due to people being supersticious and retarded (clearly not only in the Middle Ages...).
Women accused of witchcraft were often somewhat different and thus rejected by the society and killed. They were often misfits and victims to gossips.
Interesting is the fact, that the catholic church does tell that widows should wear black to show their mourning. And surprise surprise, many "witches" were basically widows and were killed for being different - for wearing black clothes, what the fucking fuck??

There were obviously many other victims accused of witchcraft only for being different, for example due to having some knowledge of herbal medicine.

They were just misfits.

I am a misfit.

And if I was born ages earlier, I would be surely accused of witchcraft.

In Poland people light candles on burials of their families on 1.11 (pfff - it looks like the Polish remember their dead dear ones only once a year, not to mention that they act like pigs on the cemeteries and like wild animals on the roads - so I stay at home on this day off... when I want to see wildlife, I watch Youtube xP )

Some wiki-info about the Polish tradition

This picture is supposed to crown the Martin Luther year. 2017 bitches celebrate the idiot who had an influence on witchhunts (= gruesome murders on innocent, maybe a bit different women) and the gruesome religious war in Europe. Pff.
It also mocks the catholic Polish tradition, that see witches as Satanic - and the human nature - because it were the gossips and (ALLEGEDLY RELIGIOUS) people being malicious towards social misfits that played a big role in witchhunts.

Also nowadays the people who often go to church are mysteriously the biggest assholes, so I don´t like going to church.
sc62568 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Wonderful drawing!  You make some very valid points about religion and the church.  I find that the less I have to do with the church the closer I feel to God.  It's amazing that what started out as a simple faith has become so convoluted over the centuries.  As far as the the Polish custom on Nov 1, we for the first time took part, honoring my wife's grandparents who were born in Poland. We did this as a way for my wife to connect with her Polish heritage of which she knows very little.
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